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In the Big Kid Room with Brittney Knudsen

Mom of three, Brittney Knudsen has her hands full, but that didn’t stop her from designing the sweetest of little spaces for her two daughters to share. We love seeing shared spaces and are certain that sisters Taryn and Jovie will be making plenty of memories in this cozy and eclectic space. You can catch more of Brittney’s home and their sweet family over on instagram. Thank you, Brittney, for sharing your space with us.

Bed | Pink Bedding

Hi! I am a mother to three kids, aged four and under. I am also a wife, and I love creating! I have a handmade company that keeps my creativity on its toes. I also do brand photography and love taking pics of my kids. We are currently in the beautiful mountainous state of Utah and are keeping up with a true mid-century home. We love to dance, play princesses and superheroes and snuggle!

Wall Decals | Quilts

What inspired your room design?
I have been inspired by mid-century and Scandinavian design ever since I started making my own clothes in high school. Now that this era is “back” I am embracing it in every way—100%! I also have been inspired by the floral designs of Claude Monet from my art college days and love to incorporate 19th century coloring and femininity into my girls’ room.

What was your favorite part of the process?
I think my favorite part was finding ways to mesh mid-century design, boho and vintage florals all into one space. I loved showing Taryn, my four-year-old, different items for her room and picking things out together. I also loved connecting with the creators of the brands used in the room. I love supporting handmade and small batch companies!

Macrame Hoops | Basket

Designing a big kid room is different than a nursery because you know your little resident’s personality better. Anything special you included this time around?
I included pink bedding this time around because I just know my girls love, love pink! I would have preferred white, but it’s not my room, so pink it is! I let my girls pick the baskets that I hung on their wall out from a thrift store and let them help me build furniture and work with all the cool tools.

Do you have any words of advice for other designers and parents?
Just have fun! If you want to be trendy, be trendy! I feel like no matter what you do, your kids will make fun of your style “way back when” so you might as well be trendy in the moment! And if you feel like your style is off the beaten path—go with it! Work with your child, and offer them options so that no matter what they pick, you’ll be happy with the outcome. Your kids will feel like they had a say, and you will love it too! Yes, it’s their space, but it’s your home so you should enjoy it too!

Photography by Brittney Knudsen

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