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The Latest and Greatest in Baby Products from ABC Kids Expo 2018

I’m fresh off the heels of the ABC Baby & Kids Expo in Las Vegas and excited to share my finds with you! The show is always so fun to see because the whole industry gathers together, and it’s like a one-stop-shop for everything baby you could ever imagine. From bottles to clothes to strollers to furniture, it’s all here!

One of the biggest trends I noticed this year was an altered version of the super popular blush color. For the past few years, we’ve been seeing lots of blush pink and gold at the show. This year, blush was still around, but I was seeing a lot of vendors using it in a much more muted way, almost like a light mauve tone. It added such a sophisticated element to a lot of the products it was used in.

We’ve been seeing a huge comeback with neutrals lately too, and I would say the same thing was happening with gray tones. Instead of a straight gray, there was a lot of muted gray that was a little warmer—not quite gray, not quite taupe. Gold was still a popular accent color, but I saw a lot of copper and rose gold too!

Fun prints were also having a huge moment! We all know that cactus print has been huge, but llamas stole the show this year! I saw llama everything, and I wasn’t mad about it.

A lot of companies were really having fun with their prints—I saw everything from zebras to pizza to sushi printed on swaddles and crib sheets. I can’t wait to see all thee new items once they start showing up in stores!

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Friday 12th of October 2018

Hi! On slide 18 - the Nursery Works Crib, you tagged it "Vetro Acrylic Crib by Nursery Works". At last year's expo they called it a new model, the "Luma Crib" and I fell in love with it. I contacted Nursery Works a few months ago they said the Luma Crib would be available in early 2019. Just checking if they are now calling that the new Vetro (remodel) or is still the Luma? Thanks!


Friday 12th of October 2018

Oh, you're right! I missed the rose gold legs when captioning the photo. Thanks for pointing it out. I hope you get the crib of your dreams!