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A Very Charming DIY Wooden Mobile

I really wanted to try a new wall hanging using wood because lately my favorite thing is anything in natural-colored wood. So, after browsing for materials online, I came across this 5-piece embroidery hoop set, and I just knew what my next DIY project would be.

DIY Wooden MobileYes Banner Wall Decal

MATERIALS: 5 piece embroidery bamboo hoop set and yarn

DIY Wooden Mobile

1-2. To start creating this wooden mobile, you want to divide your embroidery set as we only need the full circles. But don’t toss the remaining pieces just yet as we will use them for another DIY project.

3. Drill a small hole on each circle piece like photo 3 above.

4. Once each wooden circle has a hole in it, line them up and thread the yarn through each of them.

5-6. In order to secure all circles together, tie a knot at the end like photo 5 and then another knot on the top of the mobile like photo 6. Give it a tug to make sure the knots are secure. And that is it! Just hang the piece from the ceiling and you are all done. Like all mobiles, be sure to keep out of baby’s reach!

DIY Wooden Mobile

I think this is probably the easiest DIY mobile that I have ever done. And I absolutely love the look of it. Another idea for this piece is to hang it on the wall to create a modern-looking wall hanging.

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