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Meet the Newest PN Sound Soother—More Portable than Ever!

If you have been in this parenting business for any period of time then you know two things that kids can make extremely difficult for parents—travel and bedtime! Put the two together and you have a recipe for disaster. We’ve got good news for you though—the newest member of the Project Nursery electronics line is about to make both overnight trips and bedtime routines a little bit easier, at least that’s the hope! Meet the new Project Nursery Sound Soother!

Project Nursery Sound Soother

Now, before you say, “Been there done that,” wait until you hear what makes this one stand out from the crowd. The new Project Nursery Sound Souther comes with pre-loaded sounds, including heartbeat, rain, waves and white noise as well as lullabies. So whether your baby (or toddler) finds comfort in the noises of nature or their favorite lullaby, this machine has them covered. Use the built-in timer to turn it off after a certain amount of time or use the constant-on setting.

Project Nursery Sound Soother

If you are hitting the road this summer or just have an extended playdate at a friend’s house and baby needs to take a nap, you can bring the comforts of home with you. Now here’s the kicker, the machine is tiny, measuring in at just 3″x3″x4″. You can toss this machine into your diaper bag or carry-on, no problem! Also, it runs on batteries, so you don’t have to be that frantic mom seeking an outlet. If your baby or toddler uses a sound soother at home, you seriously don’t want to be caught without one when you are traveling (trust us!), and this little guy is making it easier than ever to bring one along for the ride.

Project Nursery Sound Soother

The Sound Soother can also double a nightlight for your little one. Its built-in nightlight provides a soft glow with three brightness settings, so you can get the light just right for your kiddo. We’re hoping this tiny but powerful machine will help ease your summer travels and beyond! Happy sleeping, parents!

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