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5 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Moms! Our day is almost here! I know you’re wishing and asking for a Mother’s Day where you don’t have to make any decisions, can leisurely sip your coffee while it’s still hot, and maybe even slip off for an uninterrupted nap. But just in case those dreams don’t work out, here are a couple of super cute and crazy simple DIY ideas that someone (other than you!) can create with your little ones. These floral and plant-themed artwork creations will last for years and some even look fancy in frames. So pass these ideas off to the babysitter, nanny, partner or grandparent and sit back and relax. p.s. These ideas make sweet gifts for grandmothers and teachers too.

Free Printable Handprint Keepsake Mother's Day PrintFree Printable Handprint Keepsake Print by ItsyBelle
Age: 0-1+ years

DIY Mother's Day Gift - Handprint Flower Pot Handprint Flower Pot Tutorial by All Things Mama
Age: 2+ years

DIY Mother's Day Gift - Paper Plate FlowerPaper Plate Flower Tutorial by Toddler Approved
Age: 3+ Years

DIY Painted Rock CactusDIY Painted Cactus Rocks by ItsyBelle
Age: 4+ years

Paint Your Own Stepping Stone FlowerPaint Your Own Stepping Stone: Flower
Ages: 5+

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