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Our Ultimate Floral Wallpaper Roundup

Fancy a floral look for your little girl’s nursery? There’s no better way to create a beautiful garden of color and interest than with a wall (or two or three or four) of stunning floral wallpaper. But just like any flower shop, the blooms and blossoms can be completely overwhelming. We’ve rounded a bunch of floral wallpapers and divided them up into four different categories to help you decide which design suits your nursery best.

Bold Blooms. Your baby is here to make a statement, and her nursery cannot fall short of those expectations. Choose one wall—we suggest the crib’s—and deck it out in bold blooms that are large in scale and saturated in colors.

bold Celebrity Design Reveal Tamera Mowrys NurseryCelebrity Design Reveal: Tamera Mowry’s Nursery  |  Contemporary Spring Floral Wallpaper

bold In the Nursery with Foxy OxieIn the Nursery with Foxy Oxie  |  Clara Removable Wall Decal

bold Floral Wallpaper Roundup Project Nursery1. Alice’s Floral Mural  |  2. Mixed Pink Garden  |  3. Vintage Dark Floral  |  4. Vintage Floral Decals
5. Marley Dark Floral  |  6. Peony Wall Decals  | 7. Rose Le Soir  |  8.  Blossoms Mural

Bountiful Bouquets. These nurseries aren’t hiding the fact that mama loves her flowers. Plant a distinctive look in baby girl’s nursery by covering the room or one large wall with a full garden of lovely blooms big and small.

in the nursery with monika hibbsIn the Nursery with Monika Hibbs  |  Jolie Wallpaper

subtle In the Toddler Room with Hello Baby BrownIn the Toddler Room with Hello, Baby Brown  |  Elora Wallpaper

not so secret garden Floral Wallpaper Roundup Project Nursery (2)1. Crimson Poppy Mural  |  2. Etta  |  3. Leona Wall Decals  |  4. Jolie
5. Botanical Mural  |  6. Succulent Mural  |  7. Elora  |  8. Addie

Modern Blossoms. If you’re feeling the florals, but looking for a little more updated version, choose a bloom with a more graphic or artistic look, like watercolors.

Instagram Post by @goinghometoroost  |  Blush Floral Mural

Moody Floral Wallpaper and Pink Ombre DresserInstagram Post by @ohmydeerblog  |  Moody Floral Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

modern Floral Wallpaper Roundup Project Nursery (1)1. Moody Floral  |  2. Peonies  |  3. Blush Floral Mural  |  4. Brooklyn Navy Floral
5. Titian Mural  |  6. Rowan  |  7. Blush Pink Floral  |  8. Water and Ink Florals

Pint-Sized Petals. She’s all girl, all the time. Petals for days on these floral wallpapers create the sweetest spaces. Take it top to bottom, wall to wall, or mix it up with fancy paneling, either way, these itty bitty flowers simply say “sweet.”

 In the Nursery with Lacey ChabertIn the Nursery with Lacey Chabert  |  Botanical Blossom

Instagram Post by @theycallhersmith  |  Blooms Petite in White

flower girl Floral Wallpaper Roundup Project Nursery (3)1. Meadow Floral  |  2. Cutesie Floral  |  3. Watercolor Peony  |  4. Brielle
5. Phoebe  |  6. Beatrice  |  7.  Leona  |  8. Hand-Drawn Florals