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Turn Any Fabric into a Modern Wall Hanging

I love to find ways to add inexpensive wall art to my home. So today, I am happy to share a super easy DIY piece using a beautiful handwoven African mudcloth. This DIY modern wall hanging is sure to add some extra character to any blank wall. And depending on the fabric pattern chosen, the final piece could be used anywhere in the home, whether it be the playroom, nursery or even the living room. Oh, and did I mention there is no sewing involved? That’s right, so grab that double-sided tape and follow the steps below to create a beautiful, oversized and inexpensive wall art.

DIY Wall Hanging Tutorial

MATERIALS: Any fabric you think would look stunning on your walls with edges that won’t fray (I got my handwoven African mudcloth from this Etsy store here), a thin wooden dowel, some macramé cotton cord, fabric double-sided tape

DIY Wall Hanging Tutorial

Once you decide the size of fabric you want to use, it’s time to attach it to the dowel. The fabric I used is 27 inches wide by 66 inches long, and the dowel size used is 35 inches long.

1 – Lay fabric down and position your wooden dowel on it.
2 – Use sewing pins to secure the fabric onto the dowel, leaving about 1/2 inch of extra fabric.
3, 4, 5 – Place the double-sided tape along the dowel and secure the fabric onto the tape.
6 – Once the fabric has been secured, remove the pins.
7 – Lastly, secure the macrame cord to the dowel and you are all set.

DIY Wall Hanging Tutorial

DIY Wall Hanging TutorialDashed Pillow

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Thursday 24th of May 2018

Simply and nice DIY, thank you for sharing.