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This Ballerina Birthday Party is On Pointe!

Even before having little girls of my own, I dreamed of taking them to ballet and dance class, just like the ones I took as little girl. Now that I have two little ballerinas of my own (and my mom dream has come true), I love the idea of throwing a ballerina birthday party! 

Little girls dream of being ballerinas!

It’s a party theme that any girly-girl would just love! Keep reading below to see some easy tips on pulling together a ballerina-themed party of your own, as well as some DIY projects that add some special touches.

Throw a Ballerina Party that's "On Pointe!"

Let’s start first with some invitations that are just “tutu” cute! I designed these digital printable ballet party invitations that are picture perfect for any sweet little girl’s birthday party!

These printable invitations are "Tutu" cute!

Next up—decor! I found these adorable ballerina garland banners that just perfectly fit my decor and color scheme. I found an inexpensive pair of real ballet pointe shoes, and they were the perfect focal point of the ballerina garland.

Stunning party decor featuring Ballerina garland and real pointe ballet shoes!

Set a place for each tiny ballerina. I used pink paper plates underneath silver star paper plates. I then placed adorable paper ballet dresses with flouncy crepe skirts on top of each place setting. I also designed ballerina place cards to let each guest know where she should sit. The place cards are held in perfect ballerina place card holders. I finished decorating the table with a DIY centerpiece, along with some faux pink peonies!

Tablesetting - stars, tulle, and pink flowers galore!

An easy way to add a bit of sparkle to the table are these DIY tiara drinking glasses! I used hard clear plastic cups and then hot glued little comb rhinestone tiaras to the bottom of each glass. It’s such a fun and simple touch.

Glue a tiny tiara onto the bottom of a plain drinking glass!

I also designed this custom (name editable by you!) printable “Happy Birthday” sign to display at the party. Pick your favorite girly coordinating frame, and it’s perfect for your cake table or food buffet table!

Printable Happy Birthday Signage for your Ballerina!

Want a simple way to dress up otherwise boring chairs? I purchased inexpensive pink tulle tutus and then secured them with thread to the seat of each chair. It’s yet another simple touch that can really make a huge visual difference in your party’s overall look!

Dress up plain chairs with inexpensive pink tutu skirts!

I designed this “She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes” printable sign with ballerinas in several different positions. It’s the perfect sign to welcome guests to your ballerina party.

Printable Party Signage: She leaves a Sparkle wherever she goes!

Here’s a look at the overall table set-up and place settings

Set the scene with gorgeous and girl ballet decor!

Now, on to an easy DIY ballerina table centerpiece. To create a centerpiece like the one above, I used an antiqued white mason jar and a pink tulle pom, approximately 8″ in diameter. I used 3D ballerina glitter stickers and hot glued them to long wooden skewers. Then, I stuck the skewers into the pom on the mason jar and the result is a quick, inexpensive and easy centerpiece! You can surround the centerpiece with pointe ballet shoes and flowers as well.

DIY Centerpieces made in 5 minutes and are the perfect party accent!

Here’s another look at the place cards and place card holders. These printable place cards come in four different designs. They can also be used as food name cards at your buffet table.

Printable place card and food name cards for your little ballerinas!

I hope this ballerina party post has gotten you “tutu” excited and has given you some inspiration and some easy DIYs so that you can plan an adorable party of your own!

This 'tutu" cute ballerina party is "On Pointe!"

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Thursday 20th of May 2021

As a dancer myself, I think this is a cute party idea, but PLEASE take those pointe shoes off!!! That little girl is in no way ready to be on pointe! First of, the shoes are way too big, she obviously has no ballet training whatsoever, and she is going to ruin her ankles standing like that! Getting to be on pointe is a HUGE milestone, and it takes YEARS of ballet training, strength training (pre-pointe classes) AND proper teaching/supervision! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get her into classes if she wants to do that, and I would recommend her pointe shoes at the age of 12, because the developing bones and growth plates are stunted/injured if she starts pointe before then. There are excellent studios that can help her get on track to pointe if that's what she wants. I hope you understand I'm telling you this for the girl's wellbeing, not to attack this cute idea.


Sunday 6th of December 2020

PLEASE do not let this child go en pointe. She does not have the right formation and could snap her ankle at any time. She is way too young to be doing such advanced work. As I ballerina myself, I recommend waiting until she is properly trained at the age of 11-12.

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Tuesday 16th of April 2019

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