The Bassinet that is Changing the Sleep Game

Sleep is a beautiful thing, and not having it gets ugly—for everyone. And since a night nurse isn’t in the cards for most of us, there’s a new smart product for the nursery that is ready to rock and shush our babies whenever we need a helping  hand. It’s a high-tech baby bed called SNOO.

SNOO Bassinet

Remember Dr. Harvey Karp? He’s the pediatrician and child development specialist who introduced the world to the 5 S’s in his book The Happiest Baby on the Block. He revolutionized soothing techniques to help get babies to sleep and now he’s partnered with MIT-trained engineers to help out parents even more.

Happiest Baby SNOO

SNOO is the world’s first smart baby bassinet, and it’s seriously the most intelligent baby bed ever made. With a stunning design and incredible features, this bassinet simulates the womb for a more comfortable and safe transition to life on the outside. With a built-in swaddle and responsive white noise and motion, this bassinet helps babies get the familiar sensations they crave so they sleep longer at night and nap better too.

SNOO Bassinet

Each SNOO has an advanced swaddle to keep even the squirmiest babies snugly wrapped. This 5-second swaddle is easy to use, hip safe, never unravels and actually keeps babies sleeping on their backs. Thanks to innovative wings that secure to the bassinet’s sides, babies will remain safely on their backs in SNOO.

SNOO Bassinet

Now here’s the best part—when baby cries, SNOO will automatically respond with rocking motions and soothing noise. Multiple microphones in the bassinet detect the source of sound, quickly analyze its tone and volume and will actually select the best motion and white noise for the situation, choosing from soft rain for enhanced sleep and womb sounds to calm and soothe. If additional attention is needed, SNOO’s app will alert the parents.

SNOO Bassinet

Let’s just get to it and show you SNOO in action.

And who would believe that something so technologically savvy can actually look this sleek?! That wood tone, the mid-century modern inspired legs, and simple oval shape create a baby bassinet that is truly stunning and can slip into any space or become the star of any nursery or master bedroom.

SNOO Bassinet

SNOO comes with everything you need—a 100% organic fitted sheet and three SNOO sacks (one in each size S, M, L) made with organic cotton and breathable mesh to reduce overheating.

SNOO Bassinet

A better sleeping baby (and family) is possible. Parents these days have less support and more responsibility than ever before; do yourself a favor and enlist the help of a smart nursery product. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of shushing and rocking left over for you too.

SNOO Bassinet

Because we want you to have the most restful nights possible, we have partnered together with Happiest Baby, the parent company of the innovative SNOO, to offer you 35% off the purchase of your smart baby bassinet with code PNSNOO (expires 2.5.2018). Visit to learn more.

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    OR…you can just pick up your baby and take care of them and spend time with them, bonding. I don’t believe in things, devices, technology, to calm a baby, because 9 times out on 10 your baby is crying because they are hungry and/or they have a poopy diaper making them uncomfortable. This is why I also don’t like the idea of “night time” diapers. Just change your kid’s diaper, it’s not that hard. I sure wouldn’t want to be left left to marinate, or mechanically shaken and soothed when I needed something. There are so many gimics out there that supposedly make parenting easier and maybe this one works, but most of them don’t. At $1,160 and 6 months max usage, meh, no thanks! Does your world fall apart when they outgrow It? I prefer my babies in my arms anyway . They’re little for such a brief time.

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