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In the Nursery with Sanya Richards-Ross

Designer Vanessa Antonelli is back to share one of her recent nursery designs completed for this accomplished set of parents—Olympian Sanya Richards Ross and former NFL football player Aaron Ross. The couple welcomed their baby boy late last summer, and we wish them well! Vanessa will take over below to give us all the details of their sophisticated nursery space.

When I work with amazing clients, I hope they have lots of friends and family just like them that they are kind enough to tell about me because everyone knows that awesome people hang with awesome people. Well, I think everyone knows that, right?

Sanya Richards Ross Nursery

So when I got the call from Sanya and Aaron Ross, and they told me they were referred by Angela Simmons, I said yes before I even knew where they were located. I’m so happy I did because not only did I get to create one of my favorite nurseries ever for their little guy, but I also got to visit Austin for the first time, which was a great experience. If you’ve never been to Austin, I recommend you go and take the kids. So many fun and family-friendly activities packed into one area!

Sanya Richards Ross Nursery

Sanya Richards Ross NurseryTeddy Bear | Milestone Blocks (similar)

One of the first questions I always ask my clients is whether their choice of metal is gold or silver. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I felt silly. With four Olympic gold medals and two super bowl rings between them, I think the answer should have been obvious to me.

Sanya Richards Ross NurseryLight Fixture

They wanted a modern, serene and sophisticated nursery with cool grays and blues, complemented by unexpected gold. The very first thing they picked was the Nursery Works furniture. The unusual slats and gold legs are stunning, but the pieces are neutral enough to let the other design choices shine.

Sanya Richards Ross NurseryMarble Mural | Crib | GliderKnot Pillow 

A lot of times when I finish a space, I get messages on social media from people who will say it’s too mature or not colorful enough. The most important thing to remember when designing your baby’s space is exactly that. It’s your baby and your home. The room needs to be a place that you enjoy and want to spend time as a family. Despite commentary from friends, family and strangers—there really are no rules for color and style. The best style is the one that makes you happy.

Sanya Richards Ross Nursery

Only a few weeks before my arrival in Texas, the nursery didn’t exist at all. It was an addition they were putting on the home and it was delayed because of rainy weather. With some last minute magic, we got everything completed, but it was a little touch and go towards the end. It’s great how you can laugh about it when everything works out, but during the process, it isn’t very funny.

Sanya Richards Ross NurseryBookshelf Balloon Dog Bookend

Sanya and Aaron have a few favorites in the room—the marble print mural, the custom A. Ross II neon sign, and the electronic recliner. The wallpaper was originally going to cover the entire wall behind the crib, but I had this eleventh hour idea to frame it out with molding to give it a more stylized look. I think Sanya was a little skeptical at first, but her mom was completely on board and excited about it! I’m so happy they trusted me because it makes a huge difference in the space.

Sanya Richards Ross NurseryDresser | Changing PadNeon Sign

Sanya Richards Ross Nursery

I have a few of my own favorites. I’m a huge fan of the rug. I absolutely love the color and the modern geometric pattern. The shades are by Best Home Fashion, and I discovered them when I visited their studio recently. They were hanging on the windows there, and I was compelled to walk over and pulled them down to see how they worked. I love how modern they are, and with a simple pull, the slats slide down and give the crucial blackout you want for a newborn. Convenience and style are pretty much my favorite combos when it comes to kids rooms. I also love the knotted accessories by JuJu & Jake—I can always get on board with small family businesses owned by creative people.

Sanya Richards Ross NurseryRug

Sanya Richards Ross Nursery

Now I’m hoping these two have some more friends just like them!

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