“Alexa, Welcome to the Nursery”

“Alexa?” I don’t know about you, but it seems many of our sentences are beginning that way nowadays. For a couple of years now, Alexa has been giving us a hand around our homes, and I often wonder how I checked the weather, added groceries to my shopping list or set timers before her trusty presence entered our home. Lately, the founders of Project Nursery have been asking Alexa, “How can you give me a hand with parenting?” and we are excited to announce that we have found a way!

Project Nursery Baby Monitor System with Amazon Alexa

Together with our technology and electronics partners Voxx, Project Nursery has introduced the first-ever baby monitor system with Amazon Alexa Voice Service compatibility. In the same way you call upon Alexa for help with other tasks in your life, Alexa is now the second set of hands—okay, maybe not hands but definitely help—you have always wanted for the nursery.

Project Nursery Baby Monitor System with Amazon Alexa

The Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor System comes equipped with an HD Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera for the nursery and an Alexa Smart Speaker for your home to keep in your living room, kitchen or master bedroom. What makes this baby monitor system so revolutionary is that it features innovative Alexa technology, allowing your baby monitor and Alexa to speak to one another to manage the technological elements in your nursery, track activities and access information simply by asking.

Project Nursery Baby Monitor System with Amazon Alexa

Get used to saying “Alexa, turn on the white noise,” “Alexa, what is the temperature in the nursery?” “Alexa, order more nighttime diapers,” and over 70 more pre-loaded Alexa skills. This one-of-a-kind technology ecosystem is changing the way we manage our households and improving the effectiveness of our devices. Alexa, we gladly accept your assistance.

Project Nursery Baby Monitor System with Amazon Alexa

A connected and smart home is no longer a dream of the future. As we work to relieve the stress that new parents face, we are creating innovative solutions that increase the efficiency of parenting, allowing more time spent doing the joyful and loving parts of parenthood.

Project Nursery Baby Monitor System with Amazon Alexa

Retailing for $229, the Smart Baby Monitor System will initially be available in February at Amazon, buybuy Baby and ProjectNursery.com. For those parents who already have an Alexa speaker, the HD Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera will be sold separately for $149. P.S. There’s more! The Project Nursery Smart Sound Soother that works with Alexa will launch in April 2018 for $69.












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    Thanks melisa. Will this model have a dual monitor capability, ie can I purchase a handheld monitor to use alongside the app so as not to rely solely on that?

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    Hi Andrew, The camera is not currently able to connect to Amazon Fire TV, but we hope that feature will be available this summer.

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    Is there any place where I can read some reviews? The only reviews I have found have been negative, which is pretty disappointing. I was really looking forward to purchasing this Baby Monitor but am now very uncertain. :-(

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    Hi, will this product work with the Amazon Echo Show so that I can see the feed on that screen as well as my phone?

  12. 13

    Hi Monica, The camera is not currently able to connect to Echo Show, but we hope that feature will be available by June.

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    What is the difference between using the Project Nursery Alexa Smart Speaker or using the regular Alexa speaker. Is one better then the other ..?

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    Dose This also work with the Echo Show and echo spot ? Can you view the camera from these Echo Devices?

  15. 16

    Hi John, The camera is not currently able to connect to Echo Show or Echo Spot, but we expect that feature to be rolled out sometime in June.

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    Beth that is great news Is it a something that is definitely happening over the next couple of month or is it just something project Nursery are looking into doing?

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    Hi David, Very soon. All registered users will receive an email about how to upgrade the camera and enable it to work with the Echo Spot when it’s ready.

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    Thanks Beth. Will it be in June and be available to people in Australia? Just need to make a decision on whether to wait or look for other options?

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    It’s now July and the device still does not work for echo show or spot, hoping my baby will still be a baby when these features come out since it is why we spent the money on it!!

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    I’ve downloaded the new video skill, so the camera will work with my echo spot. I’ve enabled the skill and set up the device, but unfortunately the video won’t come up. Anyone able to help with tech support?

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    This is by far the worst purchase I have ever made when it comes to being a parent. I lose connection FREQUENTLY or i have to reinstall. It’s now come to the point where it is no longer working on my phone at all.

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    Thanks for boasting you work with Alexa, you know if you only want to have a baby monitor for ten minutes at a time for only one hour a day, ridiculous, amazon should sue you for even pretending you work with their product. We depend on these things for our childrens SAFETY

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    Hello! Earlier this year i saw this post about this feature possible this past summer– I wanted to see if this was implemented. Thanks!

    Andrew JAN 25, 2018 AT 2:49 PM
    Will this work with Amazon Fire TV to be able to view the video feed on your TV as you can do with other supported camera’s?


    avatarBeth JAN 25, 2018 AT 8:09 PM
    Hi Andrew, The camera is not currently able to connect to Amazon Fire TV, but we hope that feature will be available this summer.

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    Any plans to add baby heart-rate, temp, movement monitoring (similiar to owlet’s sock)?

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