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Adorable Snowman Luminaries—The Perfect Winter Craft

Going stir crazy with the kiddos while staying inside during these cold temps? Or maybe you’re like me and your kids have three full weeks of winter vacation—EEK! To pass some of the time, we made these super cute snowman luminaries that the kids had a blast creating!

Create adorable snowman luminaries!

There are many adorable versions of snowmen luminaries on Pinterest. I followed a tutorial from Club Chica Circle but made some small adjustments, and I wanted to share my experience of creating these with kids here. Kids will love doing many parts of this, but adult supervision will also be necessary!

Gather your supplies from a local craft store!

Materials: Fake Snow and a container to put it in, Colorful pipe cleaners, Colorful pom pomsWhite School GlueOrange Fimo clayBlack buttonsMason jarsLED candles, Hot glue gun (not pictured), White spray paint (optional)

Since Fimo clay requires baking to harden, we made the noses first. Kids can easily shape the clay into a carrot nose and and then you can use a plastic knife to make the carrot marks on the nose.

Use FIMO clay to make the snowman noses

Bake the noses at 230 degrees for 20 minutes and let cool on a baking tray while you complete the rest of the project. If you’d rather not deal with baking clay, you can see another option in this tutorial.

Bake your FIMO clay noses for 20 minutes until they harden!

Your child pick two colors of pipe cleaners for the headband part of the earmuffs. They can also pick corresponding puff ball colors for the earmuff parts.

Choose your colors for your snowman's earmuffs

Take the two colors of pipe cleaners and twist them together to make one “braided-look” pipe cleaner for the headband. You can then set it aside.

Twist your pipe cleaners together to make the headband

Next, take a mason jar and and apply school glue to the outside of it. We covered about 1/3 of the jar with glue and then smeared it around. Doing the entire jar in one sweep would probably be very difficult, especially with little hands.

Apply your white school glue to the outside of your mason jar

The kids’ favorite part of the project was getting messy and smearing the glue on the outside of the jar!

Use your finger to smear the glue all over the jar.

After smearing the glue around the jar, roll the jar (glue side down) in your container of fake snowflakes. Repeat this glue and roll process as many times as needed to cover the jar.

Roll your mason jar in the fake frosty snow

Once the jar is covered, shake the jar gently by patting the end of of the jar to shake the excess snowflakes off of it. The jar should dry for about 10 minutes.

Shake off excess show from your mason jar

You can then clear little circular areas where you need to hot glue on the buttons and carrot nose onto the face of the jar.

Use hot glue to secure the button eyes and nose

I spray painted the mason jar lids white to match the snowmen. After the spray paint was dry, I then hot glued on the pipe cleaner and the puff ball earmuffs the kids had made.

Hot glue the earmuff headband to the mason jar lid

Finally, insert an LED tea light into the jar and screw on the mason jar lid for a completed and completely adorable snowman luminary to decorate your home this winter!

Glue the puff balls on and put an LED light inside your finished jar!

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