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A Baby Jumper Doesn’t Have to Be an Eyesore

There was one baby product I was really not looking forward to bringing back into my life with baby number three—our old baby jumper. It was big and bulky and an overstimulating eyesore. Here’s the thing though—babies love them, or at least mine do. And I love them, too. It’s truly a lifesaver when I’m doing something like putting together dinner, and I need to make sure my baby is secure and occupied (still in my view, of course). Guess what? Skip Hop has a new jumper that not only is a whole lot more pleasant to look at, it also folds up for when you want to tuck it away. Consider me sold!

Skip Hop has somehow broken the code for creating kids products that are both adult and kid appealing. This is no easy task, my friends. So often, what we find cute, kids find boring. But this jumper blends cute with modern for a perfect special sauce that keeps my baby interested and keeps me from cringing every time I walk past it.

The Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper also shows restraint in the flashing lights and noises department. Yes, there are some lights (on one attached toy), but they are pleasantly muted and not constant. The music is fun and at a comfortable volume. The rest of the attached toys are all about exploring with cause and effect.

When baby really gets jumping, the jumper reacts with music and lights and even gives baby a round of applause after 100 jumps. The counter seemed sort of silly to me at first, but I’ll admit, my boys love cheering on their baby sister as she’s reaching a higher jump count.

The seat is adjustable to five levels for when baby gets taller and heavier. The seat spins 360° so baby can move around to see and play with all the clip-on toys, which can be removed or switched around. I love that the springs are completely covered and inaccessible. Not only does it protect baby’s fingers, but it maintains the clean lines of the jumper’s modern design. Best news yet? It’s foldable! Not only is this great news for storing between babies, but it also means you can travel with it more easily or just tuck it out of sight when you need to.

Don’t get too excited about the couch picture as I think you need a pretty high clearance couch to make this happen, but I bet it can get under most beds. The key is that it can fold without having to unscrew anything.

All in all, you will have one happy jumper in this great new addition to the baby jumper category. The jumper retails for $130, and can be found at a variety of stores including Skip Hopbuybuy BABY, Toys R Us and Amazon.

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