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This Wearable Blanket will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Life with a new baby can be exhausting. Sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. When in doubt, we say laugh! These hilarious Lullaby Wearable Blankets from Living Lullaby Designs can bring levity to your most sleep-deprived moments because who can resist laughing at the sight of a baby dressed up like an astronaut?!

Living Lullaby Designs Lullaby Wearable Blanket Astronaut

I know no new parent wants to hear it, but the time really does go by so fast. Your sleep deprivation is short lived and a quick smile or laugh can be just what you need to remind yourself to (try to) enjoy every moment with your babe and to help shake the more overwhelming feelings new parenthood can bring.

Living Lullaby Designs Lullaby Wearable Blanket Mermaid

These Lullaby Wearable Blankets aren’t just about laughs though, they serve an important purpose. As I’m sure you know, babies cannot have loose blankets in their cribs, but sometimes you might want another layer over your baby’s pajamas for those cooler nights or just to keep her feeling snuggly when her swaddle days are over. Wearable Blankets are a great solution for keeping baby cozy but safe.

Living Lullaby Designs Lullaby Wearable Blanket Princess

The Lullaby Wearable Blanket is available in size 3 to 9 months and features original artwork transforming your child into a mermaid, astronaut or princess. They unzip from the bottom, making those middle of the night diaper changes a lot quicker and easier, which hopefully means a faster transition back to sleep for your baby.

Lullaby Wearable Blankets

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