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The Little Red Wagon Reinvented

We all know how toddlers are known to go from loving something one day to hating it all within a 24-hour span, am I right? That’s basically how our days go lately, and one day our toddler woke up basically a teenager who was way too cool for the stroller. Refusing to ride in the stroller was giving me ALL the anxiety, and with our second baby due any day, I was really starting to panic about how we were going to venture out with two kids in tow in our (very) near future. That is until I met the Veer Cruiser. The baby gear hybrid merges the outdoorsy use of a jogging stroller with the ease and functionality of a stroller, all into a wagon, which let’s be real, is way cooler. It had me at hello and here’s why.

Safety First. Equipped with three-point harnesses for both seats, your little ones can be properly strapped in just like they would be in a stroller. No more “I want to get out now” (as one leg is already over the side of the wagon), which means less stressful adventures, mamas. If you need to make a quick stop, the one touch foot break allows you to act quickly, keeping the wagon in its place. It also meets ASTM safety standards and is JPMA certified.

A+ Functionality. While it’s almost impossible to pick just one thing I love about the Cruiser, if I had to choose I would say it’s the fact that I can attach our infant car seat with just one adaptor. Voila! It just became a double stroller, but 1000x times more fun. I can push it just like I would a stroller or pull it like a wagon. And the adjustable handle makes it easy to navigate and pass off to whoever wants to take over. Now my toddler gets all the fun of a wagon while our newborn can safely come along on all our adventures. A total game changer for a family with big and littles of all ages.

Premium Style. You don’t have to look twice to see how sleek this wagon is. I’m terrified of primary colored, bright baby toys, and gear for that matter, so you can bet money I wasn’t going to be bringing home a bright red wagon. We made it 3 1/2 years without one, and now we’re making up for lost time. Our first stop—apple picking!

Set Up & Go. If I’m being honest, I sometimes (or all the time) struggle to figure out how to put things together, but this one was as easy as 1-2-3. Best part is it’s even easier to pack up. Fold it down flat with one hand to fit in the trunk or stand it up in the garage out of the way until you’re ready to take it for another spin.

Accessorize. Snack tray? Check. Cup holders? Check. Up to six of them to be exact—enough for all the coffee, sippy cups and baby bottles your family needs. You can also purchase an additional storage basket, sun canopy and even a napper bassinet for your littlest family member. Don’t forget that car seat adaptor I mentioned earlier.  Grab the travel bag and this baby is coming on your next vacation, too.

Built to Last. This is one well-made wagon that believe it or not, weighs less than most double strollers! With the frame being made from aircraft grade aluminum, they weren’t messing around when they dreamt this baby up. And not to worry, if you’re hitting the beach or taking a hike, the airless tires are meant to bring a comfortable ride no matter what bumps in the road you might hit.

Now you know why we haven’t taken this bad boy out of our car since we got it and why it’s basically a member of our family now. You can also find the Veer Cruiser on Amazon.

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Wednesday 1st of August 2018

Have you tried this as an actual jogging stroller yet? I am curious how easy it is to push while jogging?


Wednesday 29th of November 2017

Could you use this for the beach do you think for a newborn and use the wagon for all the stuff to make a beach day possible? Thanks