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Like to Drive? Looking for a Side Hustle?

Are you teetering between the pull to stay home and care for your children versus the desire to make some money? Been there! It’s a really difficult decision! When the idea of a “side hustle” took off, we dove right in and have been keeping our ears open for opportunities that fit right into mom life. We’ve found one!

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While the term hasn’t been legitimized by Webster yet (although they do say they are watching it), basically a side hustle is work performed for income supplementary to a primary job. (P.S. Raising children is a primary job—just want to make that crystal clear.)

In the past few years, we’ve watched fellow moms launch themselves into side hustles peddling fashion and skincare or getting crafty making jewelry and home decor items. Well, if these aren’t really your thing, but you’re into a nice meal and some extra cash, our friends at UberEATS have a little proposal just for you.

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Try delivering food with UberEATS! Yes, the same company that effortlessly helps you get to and from girls’ night and date night is now bringing the food you love right to your door. As an UberEATS deliverer, you can increase your income by picking up food from local restaurants and delivering it to people right in your city. And just like the regular Uber, you can turn the app on and off day or night to work however and whenever you like. Oh, and you get paid every week. Score!

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With UberEATS, you use your own car and you won’t even have to move the carseat! Hey, you can even bring the kids, the dog—the whole family, if you want! But if it’s just you, you can turn up the music, listen to your favorite podcasts or catch up on an audio book. Oh, how glorious does that alone time sound?

UberEats Project Nursery

Once you finish a delivery you can take the next request or sign off for the day—it’s completely up to you how many deliveries you make. That my mommy friends is flexibility. And yes, even as a mom, you too can have it! Every week, the earnings and tips from your deliveries will be deposited right into your bank account, so you can count on getting paid. You can also get 24/7 phone support, in-person support and more from Uber.

Does this sound like something you could slide into your day or night for a bit of extra income? If you’re nineteen or older, have a car that is 1997 or newer (two or four door) or even a scooter or a pushbike, you can sign up at or with the Uber Driver app to get on the road and start earning.

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Wednesday 10th of January 2018

Is it Uber Eats' official policy that you can bring your children with you? I can't find anything on the website about it, but I'm hoping that's the case!