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In the Nursery with Oh Happy Play

It’s always a treat for us when we get to take a peek into a room designed for twins. We love to see the clever ways parents make room for two babies. This “Little Man Cave” nursery is a delight with its black and white color scheme and playful touches. These little fellows are joining two older sisters, and mom Noelle Bryant, of Oh Happy Play, wanted to make sure they had a special space of their own. We wish the Bryant family well as they await their twins’ birth. You can read more about their family’s adventures on Noelle’s blog

Little Man Cave Twin Nursery Cribs | Little Man Cave Sign | ABC Rug | Wooden Play Gym

What inspired your nursery design?
These two boys are coming into a home that has been run by their older sisters for the last (almost) four years, so I knew when it came time to decorate their nursery, I wanted to make sure it was as boyish as possible! I thought, with a house sprinkled in pink, how cute would it be for them to have their own little man cave? And that is where their nursery theme started!

Little Man Cave Twin Nursery Wild Rumpus Sign

How did your design evolve when you transitioned from the planning phase to the execution of your vision?
I started the whole process by ordering the custom wood “Little Man Cave” sign through a shop I found on etsy, and it was from there that I decided to also use a monochrome color scheme. It evolved into this sweet little space from there.

Little Man Cave Twin Nursery Changing Pad | Lion Head | Zebra Head | Boys Only Sign

Now that the room is complete, what was your favorite part of the process? And what do you love the most about the finished design?
My favorite part is just the feeling you get when you walk into their room. Every element really speaks to the boy theme—from the teepee with the mens sign to the animals on the wall, the “Wild Rumpus” sign hanging high all the way down to the pebble crib mattresses that resemble the stones in the rivers where little boys like to catch frogs. The whole theme just truly met my vision, and I love EVERY element of their space.

Little Man Cave Twin Nursery

What is that one thing that everyone mentions when they step into this space?
The cribs! I have never seen any cribs like these before I found them. They are modern and sleek in design, and they encompass the monochrome feel so perfectly!

Little Man Cave Twin Nursery Pebble Mattress | Mobile | Cat Doll

If you had to choose one aspect of the design that is uniquely you, what would it be?
I would have to say the “mens” sign on the teepee because it makes me giggle. I am a goofy person with a funny personality and seeing that just makes me laugh every time. It’s totally something I would do.

Little Man Cave Twin Nursery Teepee | Dockatots | Tree Print Swaddle Blanket

What is the one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when they’re starting their own nursery design projects?
Keep it simple but have a theme. Choose one statement piece (like the wooden “Little Man Cave” sign for me) and build off that one piece.

images by Kaley D Photography

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