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The Christmas Countdown is On—Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Can you smell that fresh Christmas tree? Have you stocked up on hot cocoa? Did you put the stockings up yet? The holidays are here, and that magical feeling is surrounding us. This year, we put together a Christmas countdown calendar that I know will get the kids excited. This hanging piece is so pretty. It is adorned with tiny and precious ornaments and sealed with a kiss, a Hershey kiss that is.

Modern Advent Calendar DIY

MATERIALS: To create this hanging advent calendar piece, you will need a bunch of Hershey kisses, a golden brass rod (or a wooden dowel), some twinemini ornaments, and faux greenery.

DIY Advent Calendar

Start by creating your strands and tying each one of them to the brass rod (picture 1). Once you have all 25 strands done, you can start adding the chocolate and ornaments to them. You can easily move each strand side to side to make sure they are all aligned just the way you want. The last thing to do is to tie the thicker twine to the brass rod so you can hang the piece on the wall (picture 6).

DIY Advent Calendar

We added three kisses for each strand, one for each child in our family. In addition, and in order to change things up a bit, some strands feature a note. This note reveals a surprise, a special day or a fun family activity. How are you getting ready for the holidays?

DIY Advent Calendar with Hershey Kisses

Modern Advent Calendar DIYPolaroids Wall Art

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