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The Old Trick that Really Helps Babies Sleep and the Stroller that Can Help You

You’ve probably heard your grandmother or mother espousing the magic of fresh air for babies and kids. And it’s no old wives tale, it’s legit magic sleeping dust for little ones. Something about that cool, fresh air can really set your baby up for an epic snooze once you’re home and can lay him or her down to sleep. Unfortunately, along with that cool air—and the end of Daylight Savings Time—comes shorter days. But just because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean your trips outside have to end. The BOB Revolution FLEX LUNAR has got you covered.

The LUNAR’s reflectivity will blow you away and help keep you and baby visible in those late afternoon hours or during an early morning walk when the light is low. Of course, you still want to use common sense safety on when and where it’s safest for you and baby to be walking. Use your best judgment and let BOB help you with the rest.


Seriously, can you believe how that glows!? There’s nothing electronic going on there; it’s just pure reflective power. So when hit by light (think a car’s headlights) this stroller reflects like the Fourth of July. When it comes to strollers, most everyone has heard of BOB. They are leaders in the jogging stroller market and for good reason. These bad boys can handle all types of terrain like no one’s business. I recently pushed the BOB Revolution FLEX over a gravel path, and it was smooth sailing the whole way. I seriously had to stop and have my husband try it out because I was surprised by just how well it worked. Their strollers are known for their air filled tires and awesome suspension systems. For those who like to get technical, they sport a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system with three inches of travel and two stages of weight support. For the more technically challenged, that equals my amazement as my baby girl experienced a smooth ride even over literal bumpy circumstances.

Add in the adjustable (nine different positions!) foam covered handlebar and the adjustable recline and everyone is feeling comfy with this stroller. Now the Revolution Flex’s full recline is 70 degrees, so if you want to use it right away, be sure to pick up some car seat adapters (sold separately) if you are using a compatible infant car seat. You’ll want to check with your pediatrician to see when your baby is ready for jogging with you in the BOB as babies develop at different rates.

I don’t know about you, but a breath of fresh air can add a world of good for me and my baby. You may have hit the streets to calm down baby’s fussiness, but it can take off the edge of a new mama’s stress, too. Walking that nervous energy right off can be just what you and baby need to get back on track.

Our gear guru Eli also gave us a closer look at the BOB Revolution FLEX LUNAR, and you can see his take in the video below.

While the BOB Revolution FLEX LUNAR does sport a price tag of $469.99, it can be used for a child up to maximum weight of 75 lbs or height of 44″, so this robust stroller can last a VERY long time. If you just can’t make that price tag work for your family, you may want to check out BOB’s brand new Rambler, which has the beloved stroller brand’s lowest price point to date.

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