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Set the Stage with Beautiful Bedroom Furniture from Romina

As your kids get older, their rooms really become their sanctuaries. You want them to have a space they love to be in and that makes them feel calm and happy. While that may mean different things to different kids, you can set the stage with beautiful furniture, like that from Romina.

Karisma Full Bed Tufted - Romina FurnitureKarisma Full Bed Tufted

When your kids were babies, you painstakingly researched companies that were safe and sturdy for your little bundle of joy, but just because your baby is a long way from those nursery days doesn’t mean now is the time to sacrifice on quality.

Your kids’ growing bodies are going to flip, flop and put their furniture to the test, and you want to make sure the pieces you select are up for the job. Romina’s solid wood pieces with non-toxic finishes feature the trademarks of quality furniture such as dovetail joints. Their hydraulic door and drawer systems make for a smooth opening and closing every time, and let’s not forget their soft-closing system preventing any drawer slamming. Now if only we could install those on bedroom doors, right?

Cleopatra Full Bed Tufted - Romina FurnitureCleopatra Full Bed Tufted

Start your kiddo off with a lovely collection of bedroom furniture, and you may be able to turn a blind eye to their decor preferences that differ from your own—whether that’s the posters plastered to the wall or a pile of dirty socks on the floor.

Select from styles that range from sleek and modern to ornate and luxurious to suit your child’s personality. Once you’ve chosen the style you love, customize the look by selecting details like tufted headboards or special finishes.

Karisma Collection - Romina FurnitureKarisma Collection

You can see Romina’s entire collection of big kid furniture, which includes beds, nightstands, dressers and even desks on their website.

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