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Pick Your Potion! A Kid-Friendly Halloween Party DIY

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Boo! It’s Halloween season, and we’re all about a haunted celebration with the kids! Really, the kids don’t require much other than a hard-earned sack full of candy, but we’ve rounded out a spooky soiree with an array of kid-friendly potions of punch.

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Inspired by the rainbow of brightly colored Tum-E Yummies flavored water drinks, we have a Halloween potion for every flavor! Your kiddos are going to need an extra dose of hydration before hitting the neighborhood for a long evening of trick or treating. To give them a head start we decided to base our Halloween themed drinks with Tum-E Yummies, a kid-friendly fruity drink packed full of vitamin C, B6 and B12 – in fact, just one serving provides children with 100% of their daily recommended value.

From Witches Brew to Worms Wort and Dragon Juice to Frogs Breath, this lineup sets the stage for a spooky good – and tasty – time. Get creative with your potion vessels—a mix of shapes and sizes gives the look of a haunted apothecary.

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Creepy crawlers lurking in your hydrating juice potions will make the kiddos squirm! An assortment of fresh and frozen fruits and gummy bug-shaped candies look spooky and fun when added to the serving containers. Spooky DIY tip: Peel the grapes for an added creepy factor and freeze the blueberries so they float! When pouring, do not include the fruit or candy in the cups of the younger crowd to prevent choking hazards.

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To make each Halloween potion extra tasty and spooky special, start with a couple of scoops of sherbet then pour your colorful Tum-E Yummies drinks directly on top. Finish each potion with a pour of lemon-lime soda for fizzy bubbles that mix everything together perfectly!

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The addition of custom labels makes each potion its own and gives an antique and haunted feel to the tablescape. Keep it simple but fun with basic shapes and creative names. These labels are hand drawn on almond colored scrapbook paper with a black felt tip marker—easy!

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Since it’s Halloween, and too much scary or candy is not a thing, decorate your potion bottles with more spiders, worms and creepy crawlies! And remember, the addition of Tum-E Yummies will help keep your kids hydrated for a wild night of trick or treating. Mom score!

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Let’s be honest, it’s not a Halloween party if you don’t go home with more treats than you came with! Tie a bold ribbon around Tum-E Yummies‘ individual bottles for an instant dose of spirit and style.

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We love the addition of this spell-binding DIY label too! A pre-made black gift tag embellished with silly googly eyes and an invitation to “drink me” is an easy detail that amps up your party’s spooky (and cute) factor.

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We finished off our kid-friendly “Pick Your Potion” drink station with black and white striped straws, festive cups and DIY party signage. The bright colors, inspired by Tum-E Yummies, give a playful twist to the traditional black and orange theme of Halloween. We think it’s way more fun this way!

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Feeling low on Halloween decor? Me too! I borrowed from our collection of servingware and books and pulled in sticks and dried greenery from the yard to create a haunted scene of aged accessories. DIY Tip: This Boo pendant was an easy craft! Simply cut felt to your desired size, shape and letters then hang from a twig or branch.

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Ready to pick a potion for your little ones this Halloween season? Get creative in the kitchen and create this super simple and spooky kid-friendly drink station of haunted potions with your vitamin-packed Tum-E Yummies collection.

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