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An Easy DIY Chalkboard Project Your Family Will Be Thankful For + Giveaway!

In under an hour and for less than $30, we completely transformed an empty wall in our home to an artwork gallery, a place for family notes, and an art nook for our tiniest artist to get creative. I’m just blown away by the simplicity and cost, and can’t wait to share!

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Just one roll of the Kassa Chalkboard Contact Paper was all it took to turn this blank wall imperfect into a dedicated corner of craftiness.  After years of staring at this wall and wondering how I could camouflage its uneven seam, it finally hit me to transform it into a larger than life-sized chalkboard! The unique peel and stick chalkboard adhesive paper covered up the seam making the entire area more cohesive. Plus it was so simple to install. In fact, I feel funny even using the word install!

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In just twenty minutes, we measured, placed and stuck the peel and stick paper onto our wall, creating a life-sized place for notes, drawings, memos and more. If you’ve ever used contact paper before, it’s just the same. Plus, there’s no reason to stress. Because of its temporary and removable nature, if you get a crease or bubble, just lift up and try again.

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Currently, we’re feeling the thankful spirit as we move deeper into fall towards the Thanksgiving holiday. To celebrate the season, we named the things that we are most thankful for and wrote them on our new chalkboard wall!

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I love the idea of adding to this list every day as our family moves through the month of November. Since the chalkboard reaches all the way to the baseboard, even the littlest family members can add to the list!

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To create the bright and bold letters, I used the Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers. I can’t believe I ever settled for old-school chalk for decorative signage now that I’ve used these! The color is so bright, and the pen writes so smoothly.

Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers

And bonus, each pen is dual tipped, so if you’re uber-talented and can script with the best of them, go for it! And if you’re not (Hi! Me!), then the original rounded tip is your trusty BFF.

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Writing, scripting and drawing with the Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers is just as foolproof as the temporary chalkboard paper. Make a mistake? No worries, a damp cloth is all you need to erase and start over. Plus, there’s no smudging as you write and no ghosting on the paper. Although Kassa does recommend that you season the chalkboard with traditional chalk before using.

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I have so many ideas for this Kassa Chalkboard in our home and I can’t wait to watch its usefulness take shape as our little girl grows up. Growth chart, ABC lettering practice, homework helper, meal planner, seasonal bucket list, doodle board (always!), summer reading list, celebration signage, inspirational quotes and encouraging notes to one another, the ideas go on and on!

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How could you use the Kassa Chalkboard Contact Paper and Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers with your own family? We want to make it a reality! Shop the entire line of creative Kassa products here and enter to win a Kassa Chalkboard Gift Set.

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DIY Chalkboard Kit from Kassa with Project Junior

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