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In the Nursery with Jenni Pulos

While you may know Jenni Pulos from Flipping Out on Bravo, today we are taking a peek into her own home—more specifically her second daughter’s nursery. The nursery uses its small space to the max, featuring a mini crib but also a beautiful wall mural. Pairing an elegant dresser with a sleek, modern glider helps balance the space without overwhelming it. It is just a lovely, feminine space for sweet baby Georgia. Thank you, Jenni, for sharing your space with us.

Jenni Pulos and Daughter in Nursery

Design inspiration can come from anywhere—what inspired your nursery design? 
I wanted something whimsical, and when I saw this mural of painted birds at the San Ysidro Ranch it was as if my daughter said to me inside my tummy—this is what I want, Mom! I wanted to bring nature and all its miracles to this little miracle baby.

Jenni Pulos Pink and White Nursery Plush Stacker

How did your design evolve when you transitioned from the planning phase to the execution of your vision? 
When you start to design a room, it evolves every step of the way with your selections and choices; it adopts a life of its own. Everything fell into place when the timing was right, which has been the journey of my life. For instance, after I selected a giraffe photo, Bravo (the network our show is on) sent Georgia a beautiful life-sized giraffe three days later. The same thing happened with the painting that my nephew did for her, it fit perfectly with the colors, and we hadn’t even discussed it! Life is one big tapestry when you submit and trust that things fall into place.

Jenni Pulos Pink and White Nursery with Gold Balloon Animal Bunny

How did your personal style influence your design choices? 
This actually was more about my baby girl, but I did lean towards clean and white for the furniture. The Stokke crib we did in gray, and it is a beautiful unique choice for a unique little girl.

Jenni Pulos Nursery with Bird and Trees Wall MuralBear Rocker | Round Crib | Stuffed Giraffe

Did you have any unexpected obstacles when creating this room? How did you overcome them or spin them to your advantage?
The room is small so the oval crib and minimal furniture was a necessity. It originally was my husband’s office, so we transformed the bookshelf, which was reclaimed wood into a beautiful gray stained shelf, which coordinates beautifully with the crib.

Jenni Pulos Nursery with Princess and the Pea DollPrincess and the Pea Set

Now that the room is complete, what was your favorite part of the process? And what do you love the most about the finished design?
It represents a great deal of thought and love, which creates a sense of peace and understanding. Understanding that great things come in God or the Universe’s timing, not ours.

Jenni Pulos Pink and White Nursery Glider

What is that one thing that everyone mentions when they step into this space?
That it is breathtakingly lovely.

Jenni Pulos Pink and White Nursery with Abstract PaintingAbstract Art | Bar Cart

What were your nursery must-haves?
The Project Nursery sound machine—we have one in our room and one in our other daughter’s room! A Crane humidifier, a changing table, a great glider and a beautiful light fixture.

Jenni Pulos Pink and White Nursery Animal Art

Now that the room is finished, what do you wish you had known when you started?
How much work it is to make something lovely! That is a lesson that never changes even though somehow you think it will.

Jenni Pulos Nursery Closet

What is the one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when they’re starting their own nursery design projects? 
Get inspired by looking everywhere for a great idea to build around. For me, it was the mural of birds I saw.

Jenni Pulos and Family in Nursery

Images by Chris Callahan Photography 






Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Where are these clear containers from??


Thursday 18th of January 2024

@Holly, Where can I purchase clear containers from

Brandi Stanford

Wednesday 18th of April 2018

Hi Beth. Where is the dresser from? LOVE!


Wednesday 18th of April 2018

Hi Brandi, It looks like the Beverly 4 Dresser by Newport Cottages to me.

Valerie olesuk

Thursday 1st of February 2018

We're did the clear contain 3rd for the shoes come from


Thursday 1st of February 2018

I think they are the stacking shoe bins from The Container Store. (affiliate link)


Tuesday 30th of January 2018

Yes, where are those amazing bins in the closet from? SUCH a good idea! The room is adorable — bright and white but with such pretty, subtle colors. Love it. — Kate,


Tuesday 30th of January 2018

They look like the clear stackable drawers from The Container Store to me (affiliate link).


Monday 29th of January 2018

Hello! Where can I find those clear organizers and bins?


Tuesday 30th of January 2018

They look like the clear stackable drawers from The Container Store to me (affiliate link).