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We’re Simplifying On-the-Go with the Big O!

Capsule wardrobes, minimalist living techniques, clutter-free challenges—I’m all about it these days! As I strive for a life that is more focused on what matters most, I don’t want anything coming in between me and my priorities (that sweet daughter of mine!). A more simplified life is exactly what I crave and the Big O Key Ring is helping me to achieve that like a boss!

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The Big O Key Ring from O-Venture is all about keeping things simple and accessible—a mom goal that we can all agree on! This super stylish key chain ring is a whopping 4 inches in diameter, which allows you to quickly slip it onto your wrist or elbow leaving your hands available for babies, bottles, bags and all the mom things.

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Fumbling for your key chain, digging deep into bags, and trying to shove your keys into your pockets are stressors that sneak up on us during the worst moments of our on-the-go lifestyle. The Big O Key Ring can remove those frustrating moments from your life! I know, I know, we are talking about a key chain here, but friends, it can be a major game changer!

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Invented and designed by two women from Dallas, Texas, these key chains are bigger, better and more fashionable than anything you’ve seen before. Trust me when I say your friends will absolutely stop you in your tracks for the deets on your chic new accessory. With over 50 combinations of colors and styles, you’re sure to find a favorite that is “so you” or maybe even salutes your team’s colors—hey, it is football season after all!

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From quick dashes into daycare or a walk around the neighborhood, I don’t want or need my purse, no matter how small it is. I’m keeping it simple these days and going here and there with the essentials only. This Big O Key Ring fits into my lifestyle seamlessly and keeps the items I need most easily within reach. They even have card cases and pouches that coordinate and clip on to your key ring to hold your license, money, and phone. Must-have!

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Ladies, don’t weigh yourself down. Let’s keep our hands free for more playing and less key fumbling! Who knew I could get so fired up for a key chain? I’m wearing it proudly!

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Now here’s the real challenge… deciding which style to grab this season! I’ve got my eye on that Solid Gold Croc. Or do I want the Shamrock Lizard? Oh, that Mocha Ostrich!!! Let us know which one is your favorite and stay tuned for more Big O fun coming soon.

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