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Create a Back-to-School DIY Snack & Play Station for Your Kids!

This post has been sponsored by ZonePerfect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s back to school time! No matter the age of your child, as summertime dwindles away, the fall beckons a more scheduled life. We get back into old routines, create new ones and try desperately to get the kiddos to follow along! Let’s get prepared for those little lull times of boredom by creating a dedicated station for solo play, crafts and snacks. Because seriously, all they care about is the snacks.

ZonePerfect Kidz for Project Nursery-0062

We love the idea of creating a little nook in your home that is your youngin’s very own spot for special downtime moments. You know those minutes right after you get home or prior to dashing out the door to the next activity? It’s great to captivate your little one’s attention (and curb their cravings) allowing you a solo moment to transition!

Variety is the spice of life—no matter your age! Our grab-and-go tray of snack options runs the gamut of salty to sweet while remaining simple and nutritious. Choose easy-to-eat seasonal fruit, mix in pre-portioned crunchy favorites and curb the sweet tooth with a nutritious bar just for kids.

ZonePerfect Kidz for Project Nursery-0099

The ZonePerfect® Kidz Nutrition Bars are an energizing option that is super tasty and packs in plenty of filling protein for tiny wild ones! I love that it includes over 20 vitamins and minerals, 3 grams of fiber and under 11 grams of sugar. Plus, I am confident in my snack choice knowing that the bars never contain any artificial flavors or colors.

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Let’s give those kiddos some fun activities to focus their newfound energy on. A stack of colorful paper, crayons, wacky pipe cleaners, beads and stickers are all you need for an interesting craft station. Spark their imaginations with a five-minute crafting challenge to create the craziest imaginary animal or wildest abstract art. It’s so fun to see what they create, and you’ll love that five-minute break!

ZonePerfect Kidz for Project Nursery-0079

Feeling that back-to-school fever yet? Curb your school supply craving and create your own snack and play station! Raid Target and for fun craft supplies, fresh crayons and delicious snacks including the ZonePerfect Kidz bars. And in between your kid station restock sessions, you can always slip some ZonePerfect Kidz bars into your cart when shopping at your local Kroger or Meijer.

ZonePerfect Kidz for Project Nursery-0136

P.S. In crazy delicious flavors like chocolate cupcake and yellow cupcake, we won't tell if you snag one of two for yourself. Hey, kids can't have all the fun!

Ready to create a snack and play station for your kiddo? ZonePerfect Kidz wants to help! Enjoy this ZonePerfect Coupon.