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My Favorite Postpartum Jeans

I gave birth to my baby a few months ago, and I’m a realist when it comes to getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape (as in, it may never quite be the same after this third pregnancy). Let me tell you my secret for when you are still recovering from childbirth and are rightfully doing more cuddles than crunches.

It’s high-rise jeans, folks! I now understand why these were called mom jeans for so long. Yes, those moms knew what was up. Luckily, they are a whole lot more fashionable than they used to be. I personally don’t love the look of shirts tucked into a high-waisted jean on me, but pair them with a loose drapey tee and you’ve got my postpartum uniform.

High-Rise Rockstar Built-In Sculpt Skinny Jeans from Old Navy

The key is that the waistband is higher on your body than where that post-baby belly sits (on me, at least). Plus, the pairs I own have A LOT of stretch—a must for staying comfortable. Believe me, I’m not advocating that anyone strap on skin tight pants. I am all about comfort. I bought mine one size bigger than my pre-pregnancy size, and it worked out perfectly. Yes, you can keep wearing your maternity jeans for quite some time after giving birth, but once the majority of the baby belly goes down, you’ll get tired of hiking them up over and over again. I think it’s worth it to buy a couple pairs of interim jeans so you look good, feel good and don’t feel so lousy about not quite fitting into your old jeans yet. It’ll happen. Be patient with yourself, and get lots of baby hugs for good measure in the meantime. What is your go-to postpartum outfit?

Heather Benac

Tuesday 29th of August 2017

I love Old Navy's Rockstar jeans when I'm not pregnant and I just purchased my first pair of maternity jeans which are of course their Rockstars. They look great and you can't beat the price!


Tuesday 29th of August 2017

I wrote another post about my love of their maternity jeans, too. I swear it's not sponsored by Old Navy! haha