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5 Surprising Nursery Trends

One of my favorite things about working in The Project Nursery Shop is seeing what our customers order. From cribs to shower gifts to swaddle blankets, I love seeing orders come through my inbox. (Yes, I see every single order.) Now that we’ve reached the halfway mark of 2017, I can tell you, firsthand, that Pam and Melisa’s 2017 nursery trend predictions are holding strong. But based on what our customers are adding to their carts in The Project Nursery Shop, there are a few new nursery trends popping up that you may find surprising.

1. All Things Unicorn. Meghan touched on this in her last post, and I wholeheartedly agree. Whimsical creatures are taking over 2017, and the unicorn is leading the charge. We already have a sweet selection of this magical animal in the shop and are adding new unicorn nursery decor and baby items as fast as we can find them!

Unicorn HeadSilver Unicorn

2. Dark Florals. Without a doubt, this is the most gorgeous and impactful trend I’ve seen emerge since the beginning of the year. Dark florals aren’t just a statement, but a big, bold, take-no-prisoners statement and one that we completely stand behind.

Dark Floral Wall DecalBlossoms Mural Decal

3. Black Cribs. Like a (pacifier) thief in the night, the Jenny Lind Crib in Ebony came out of nowhere and has stolen the crib show in The Project Nursery Shop for the first half of the year. Currently available via pre-order to ship in July, the Jenny Lind is a classic, but we also carry other black cribs in our collection, including the new Maki Full-Size Folding Crib and the even newer Origami Mini Crib.

Jenny Lind Black CribJenny Lind Crib

4. Statement Crib Sheets. Not only is this one of the coolest nursery trends to pop up in the first half of 2017, but it’s also one of my personal favorites. I have major crib envy every time we add a new statement crib sheet to our bedding collection. More and more of you are keeping your crib simple and making the crib sheet the star of the nursery show.

Personalized Crib SheetPersonalized Crib Sheet

5. Backpack Diaper Bags. Okay, this isn’t exactly a nursery trend, but a mom trend, for sure. Backpack diaper bags are nothing new, but it wasn’t until we added the Robyn Diaper Bag to the shop that I saw how popular this style of diaper bag really was. Our newest addition to the backpack family is the Rosie Diaper Bag, which comes in four chic, gorgeous colors for the modern mama.

Backpack Diaper BagRosie Diaper Bag

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings in nursery decor and in The Project Nursery Shop. Stay tuned to our New Arrivals section to see our most recent additions!






Carrie Beth

Thursday 6th of July 2017

Makes me want to have another baby and design another nursery!!! Such great trends!!!