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Did You Know You Can Save Your Favorite Nurseries from Our Gallery?

You may have noticed the little heart that is appearing at the top of each project page in our gallery. You can also see them on the main gallery page in the corners of the project thumbnails. As people heart projects, the counter in the heart goes up. In fact, we use this feature to name our Readers’ Favorite project each week. 

If you are logged in to Project Nursery, you can actually use this heart feature as a way to save your favorite nurseries, rooms and parties in one place. First, make sure you are logged in (or create an account). Then you simply click the heart at the top of the room or party’s page, and it’s saved to your account. It’ll turn red once you’ve clicked it.

Heart a Project

You can access your list of favorites by clicking on the words that say “HI ____!” You can see mine below (HI BETH!).

Click on that and every project you’ve ever “hearted” will be listed. Yay! And if you don’t feel like using the heart feature to save favorites, that’s fine. Please feel free to share some love with projects that you enjoy by clicking on their hearts. You can do this any time, logged in or not, but it will only save to your favorites if you are logged in. Happy hearting!