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How to Achieve Hygge in the Nursery

I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now, hygge (pronounced hue-guh), the Danish movement that basically encourages comfort and coziness. It’s flooding the interior design world, and it’s certainly something we can get behind for the whole family and especially for baby. Now just because baby’s crib is supposed to be blanket free doesn’t mean you can’t make the rest of the nursery a super cozy space. Here our ideas for achieving the art of hygge in the nursery. 

Layering textures always makes for a cozy space just ready for cuddles.

Jodi Kendall’s Toddler Room

Eclectic Girl’s Nursery with Pops of Mint

Cambria’s Coral Oasis

Natural elements, like wood tones and plants, add a warmth to the space.

Baby Viklund’s Cool, Calm and Eclectic Nursery

Vintage Modern Boy’s Nursery

Here are some items that are sure to add an element of cozy to your nursery. This fabric storage bin gets an additional ounce of cozy from the pom poms adorned on it.

Pom Pom Storage Bin

Textured wall hangings add warmth to the space. Add in the fact that you can make this DIY wall hanging yourself and you have the ultimate in nursery coziness.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

You’ll make sure baby is cozy by keeping her wrapped snug as a bug in swaddle blankets.

Organic Swaddle Set

And don’t forget the cuddles, lots and lots of cuddles!

Poppy Toddler Quilt

What do you think? Are you as eager to get behind the hygge trend as we are? Hygge in the nursery just seems like a match made in cozy heaven.