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This DIY Cork Board is Definitely “Pin”-worthy

Using cork boards in the nursery is a great way to feature seasonal art prints, little mementos and all those cute baby pictures. But how can you transform a dull and brown cork board into a modern and beautiful decorative piece for the nursery? Well, you can just add some paint to it. We put together a super simple DIY project using an oversized and bold white frame, cork board and paint.

DIY Cork BoardMaterials: 24×36 white frame, 24×36 cork board, black paint, paint brush and masking tape

DIY Cork Board

1. Gather all your materials and get ready for some quick painting.
2. Apply the masking tape to the cork board so it creates a diagonal line across the middle of the board. Paint one side using the black paint (or any other color that matches your nursery).
3. Remove the masking tape and leave it to dry. Once the paint has dried, mount the cork board onto the frame and you are all set.

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You could also customize your cork board with bold painted stripes or a cool zig-zag pattern. No matter what the design is, adding some paint will certainly brighten up your cork board while creating a unique look.