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Designing From the Ground Up with Mohawk

Whether you’re preparing for a newborn or transitioning to life with a toddler, creating a safe, healthy and soft environment in your home is of the utmost importance. As you’re working on designing and baby-proofing the rooms in your home, consider starting from the ground up! We love to begin the design process by bringing in fresh flooring options like wall-to-wall carpet and custom fit rugs for an instant update.

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As moms ourselves, we understand the importance of laying a foundation in our homes that can withstand the pressures of busy family lives, while being easy to maintain plus super soft for tummy time, playtime and constant dashes into the nursery.

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Older carpets and rugs often harbor allergens, not to mention, they may have lost their plushness. Mohawk’s technological advances in high-performance carpet fiber create healthier and safer environments with long-lasting luxury. See how we styled and tested this amazing innovation in decorative flooring in our latest video with Mohawk!

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