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How Exactly Does E-Design Work? + An All-White Nursery Design (Gasp!)

It seems like e-designs have become very popular in nursery design lately. I’ve been getting more and more requests for nursery e-designs, and I just love how it allows me to create a nursery space for anyone in the country. I was contacted by a client who wanted a very specific look in her nursery—all white. This is actually much more of a challenge than it may seem!

I started by having her fill out an in-depth questionnaire so I could get as much information as possible about her style and preferences. She sent me photos and measurements of the space, as well as her inspiration photos. I always start with the floor plan first. That way I know how many pieces of furniture to look for, and what sizes the room will accommodate. In this case, we had room for the essentials (crib, dresser, and glider), but we also had some extra room for a few additional storage units and a bench.  Because she was interested in a slight celestial theme, I included a big round rug in the center of the space.

Then I got started on all choosing all the items for her space. I knew that her taste was modern, and that she wanted all white with some celestial elements. I chose sleek furniture pieces and paired them with some more whimsical accents. Rather than bringing in an accent color, I brought in some contrast by using silver and gray so the room wouldn’t feel too overwhelmingly white.

Mobile | Planet Art | Crib | Pendant | Hexagon Toy Box | Storage Bench | Wanderlust Decal | Rocket Pillow | Moon Pillow | Mirror | Lamp | Changing Table | Glider | Ottoman | Side Table | Floor Lamp | Rug

I put together the design board showcasing the main items, and then drew up a document listing every single item she would need for the nursery, down to the crib mattress and paint color with shopable links. I also like to include safety tips, installation tips and any additional information so the client feels confident in putting together the nursery on their own.