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We’re Transforming the Scariest Pump Room in America! Hint: It’s Not a Let-Down!

Earlier this spring, we set out to find the scariest pump room in America with our friends at Scary Mommy and Tommee Tippee. After sorting through piles of submissions, our collective readers chose the worst of the worst, and our Project Nursery team began working to design a proper lactation room for these two lucky ladies! Here’s a look behind-the-scenes at our design plan.

Tommee Tippee Scary Pump Room Winner

Finding inspiration was no trouble at all. We know firsthand the woes of pumping in the workplace and wanted to create a space that would give working moms a place to step away and focus on their babies. We knew this place should soothe with warm, low lighting; comfort with cozy blankets and soft seating; and encourage with color and motivational artwork.

Before. Here she is in all her schoolhouse glory! Although this space is private, has its own sink and plenty of storage, it still has a long way to go before becoming a soothing lactation station. Another curveball? There are usually two moms pumping in here at the same time, and they both crave more privacy. Who can blame them?!

New Pump Room Before

Tommee Tippee knows a thing or two about lactation and was quick to offer some cheeky motivational quotes to be featured in the space.

Tommee Tippee Poster

After a reader’s vote, the colors in this particular quote board became the theme of our design—teal and purple. Tommee Tippee is all about bright and bold and wants to make sure that moms everywhere feel empowered to #parenton! We are on board with that!

The design for our ultimate pump room is split into three sections to offer organization and as much privacy as possible. Our work setup starts with a classic bright white desk that is softened with a comfortable chair backed in a warm wood accent and stylish, soft desktop lighting. Sometimes working while pumping is a necessity, and we wanted to ensure that even if mom’s mind is on work, she is still comfortable enough to meet her personal pumping goals. We slipped a garden stool nearby as the pump’s station, which reserves the desktop for laptops, books and paperwork.

Workplace Pump Room Design Board - Project NurseryDesk Area: Garden Stool, Faux Plant, Desk, Garbage Pail, Pen Holder, Agate Coaster, Clock, Task Lamp, Work Hard Print, Life’s Short Print, Desk Chair Nursing Nook: Screen, Faux Plant, Floor Lamp, Glider, Throw Pillow, Wall Hanging, Side Table, Alarm Clock Storage: Feather Wall Hanging, Wall Hook, Nursing Covers, Storage Cubby, Agate Box, Storage Box, Fabric Storage Bin, Table Lamp, Small Faux Succulent

Working pumping moms are often disguised as bag ladies, am I right?! We have our work bag, our lunch bag (all the snacks!), our purse and our pumping equipment. It’s a lot to haul around and store at work! We added a simple storage shelf that will hold four deep boxes that can be labeled with each mom’s name. Knowing you can quickly stash your things and jet back off to work is a huge perk for shared spaces and lots of equipment. Don’t worry, there will also be a spacious refrigerator and multiple drying racks in this space too! We are all about stylish functionality.

The nursing corner is the coziest spot to get your pumping completed. We started with a relaxing chair that will remind mom of her own home nursery and offers a bonus USB charging station! We chose a swivel style chair, which allows mom the option to face the wall for added privacy. We tucked a handsome marble top accent table and beautiful globe floor lamp into this space to create its own complete design moment.

The entire space will be grounded with a graphic purple and teal rug that brings the Tommee Tippee vision to life. For the walls, we have chosen artwork that is inspirational and motivational in addition to a beautiful soft woven wall hanging that complements the colors chosen for the design.

Surya Lagoon Rug in Purple

Pumping moms will enjoy added privacy with the folding screen and choice of two luxury nursing scarves. When designing this space we wanted pumping moms to feel both empowered by the bold colors and encouraging artwork, as well as relaxed, knowing that this space is all their own and set up for their success.

The products are ordered and the installation process is underway. We will be back in a few weeks to let you in on how the makeover went and to reveal the completely transformed Tommee Tippee Scariest Pump Room in America!

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