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The Most Unique (and maybe even strangest) Cribs You’ll Ever See

As a nursery designer, it’s my job to choose nursery furniture for my clients that is beautiful, functional and a good value.  Every now and then while I’m shopping around for a crib, I’ll come across a design that’s extremely unique, sometimes even strange! I love keeping tabs on these bizarre crib designs because they are just so much fun to look at, and who knows, maybe I’ll have a client one day who wants something extremely out-of-the-box. Here are some of the strangest (and coolest) crib designs around.

In addition to being bizarre, the Shell Crib by Luke Miller Studio is also one of the most expensive I’ve ever seen.  This under-the-sea inspired piece comes in at a whopping $19,053 (it hurts to even type that). Aside from the price, the design is very whimsical and literal, but it would have its place in a very specific type of themed nursery.

Shell Crib by Luke Miller Studio

Along the same organic lines is the Gradient Crib by Nursery Works. The lines on this crib are almost an optical illusion, appearing fluid and almost moving. There’s no real beginning or end of the shape. This is certainly a statement piece for a very modern home.

Gradient Crib by Nursery Works

This design isn’t too bizarre, but I like that it’s just a tad funky with its rigid lines and contrasting tones. The Wood Cot, by Oliver Furniture out of Denmark, has a great modern feel, and picks up on the Scandinavian look that’s so popular these days.

Wood Cot by Oliver Furniture

This last crib is a custom-made piece that somewhat resembles a boat. The Domani Cotbed by Tomas & Jani is meant to have the look of a sofa once the crib rails are removed for a toddler bed and also has a unique paneled under-crib drawer for extra storage.

Domani Cotbed by Tomas & JaniWhat do you think? Would you ever put a crib like this in your nursery?