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Making Memories with Pearhead

I’m about to have my third baby, who will almost definitely be my last (sniff). I am determined to get every last bit out of babyhood and soak up every bit of baby bliss that I can, hoping that it will get me through any later twangs of baby fever. With each baby you add to your family, time seems to pass just a little bit quicker. You are creating a happy, busy, bustling family after all. One way to to slow down the inevitable whirlwind is to stop at all those special milestones and take notice. The little effort it takes to document along the way is well worth it because, believe me, you will forget things you never thought you could. Pearhead has made it their business to ensure that you never have to forget another special moment in your children’s lives, and they have plenty of options for how to do it!

I loved taking monthly photos of my babies to document how much they grew and changed. It was always special at the one year mark to go back and see them all together, and I’m looking forward to do it again with baby #3. These baby age blocks from Pearhead make it easier and cuter! The big block can be turned to display weeks, months or years, depending on how often you plan on documenting.

Pearhead Baby Age Blocks

Look at this darling frame you can use to display your kiddo’s adorable little handprint and footprint. I appreciate Pearhead’s minimalistic design that allows your cutie to be the star of the frame, rather than having an overly adorned frame with colors, patterns and frills.

Pearhead Babyprints Photo Frame

Belly stickers, often used for those monthly/weekly photoshoots we talked about earlier, are getting a fun spin with Pearhead’s Oops! Belly Stickers. This time you can use them to document the sorts of milestones that don’t usually make it into the baby book but are certainly the ones that will make you laugh the hardest when you reminisce.

Pearhead Oops! Belly Stickers

Pearhead Oops! Belly Stickers

Both of my boys love their piggy banks and regularly empty them out to sort out their treasure of coins. Pearhead’s ceramic piggy banks come in a variety of colors and patterns to add a dose of cuteness to your nursery. They make great gifts for new babies, and they even have one labeled college fund.

Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Banks

Let Pearhead help you preserve your memories, so you don’t accidentally forget them while you are busy living life.

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