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Hint Hint, Wink Wink…The PN Parent + Baby SmartBand is the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

We’re just going to be straight up here. Hey, Dads (Best Friends, Parents, Partners, Life Savers)! Hint hint, wink wink, we know what moms want, and they want the Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand this Mother’s Day!

Parents Exercising with Baby

It’s been a long 365 since last Mother’s Day—all the diapering, feeding, nursing, cooking, cleaning (all the cleaning…), playtime, potty training, teaching, bathing and brushing. The list goes on. We know moms LOVE doing it all with you, and, of course, they love being moms! Do you know what else they love? Sleek, smart gifts that give them a much-needed hand! Here’s why moms have their eye on the Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand

Pregnancy Journal. Start using your SmartBand even before baby is born! Track fetal movements, hydration goals, exercise, diet and prenatal vitamin intake for a comforting and healthy pregnancy.

Newborn Days. Because the new baby fog is real, the SmartBand helps mom log bottle and breastfeeding times, pump reminders and diaper changes with a quick swipe and tap!

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand

Reminders. The customizable reminder and alarm functions keep parents on schedule with feeding sessions, vitamin and medication schedules, and even nap times.

Fitness Tracking. Durable and beautiful too, the SmartBand is splash- and sweat-resistant and features an extra-long battery life making it best-in-class across activity and fitness trackers. We’ll be wearing this sleek band long after the kiddos are off to college!

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand

Encouragement. Dad, for those moments when you can’t be there, the Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand has your back! It sends cute and quick sentiments of encouragement right to mom’s wrist to give her the boost and smile that all parents deserve.

The SmartBand syncs wirelessly with your smartphone through the iOS and Android app to provide timely and customizable notifications.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand

Let the mom in your life know that you care with the Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand! Choose between a 3-band pack now on sale for $124.99 or the black wristband only for $99.99. Hint: The sale runs through May 14th! Double Hint: May 14th is Mother’s Day! The 3-band pack is available at buybuy Baby, Amazon and The Project Nursery Shop. The single black SmartBand is available at Amazon, Babies’R’Us, Best Buy, Target and The Project Nursery Shop.