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Adorn Your Walls with Modern Safari Wallpaper

Several years ago, the safari nursery trend was huge. I was flooded with requests for nurseries that had a bright, bold safari theme, with lots of earthy tones, greens and animals. The safari trend hasn’t gone away, but it has definitely been refined. Now I’m asked for “modern safari” with clean lines, neutrals and animal artwork that’s less juvenile.

My latest client asked for just that—a neutral modern safari nursery. She really wanted to use wallpaper in the space, so I suggested that we go with a subtle safari-inspired wallpaper in a neutral tone. Nothing over-the-top and nothing with too much color. I pulled together some great wallpaper options for her to choose from. Here they are below!

I love how this zebra print wallpaper from Sissy + Marley is both modern and soft at the same time. The zebras are very light against the white background, giving this paper a subtle pattern. This could easily be used to cover all four walls of a nursery without being overpowering.

Sissy+Marley Zee Zebra Wallpaper for a Modern Safari Nursery

I’ve been a huge fan of Hygge & West wallpapers for years. The Rifle Paper Co. Safari print in taupe has such a fun whimsical touch to it. It also comes in some other colors, too, if you’re not looking for neutral.

Rifle Paper Co. Safari Wallpaper from Hygge & West

The Ark wallpaper by Andrew Martin was a fast favorite of both mine and my client. The gray-on-gray animal pattern is so sophisticated and there is such a great variety of animals. It also has a very hand-painted feel, which makes it feel more personal for a nursery space.

Ark Wallpaper by Andrew Martin

Giraffes are so darn popular and for good reason. I love the quirkiness of this Spot wallpaper from Abnormals Anonymous. It has a rich parchment color background with giraffes in a hand-drawn style. This one also comes in some great additional colors.

Spot Giraffe Wallpaper from Abnormals Anonymous

We ended up choosing the Andrew Martin Ark wallpaper for my client’s nursery but in a different colorway. Stay tuned for updates on that project! What do you think of the modern safari trend?