Stokke Steps Up the High Chair Game

Discerning, design-loving parents, your stylish baby gear search ends here! Stokke has once again stepped up the baby gear game, leaving nightmares of kid-centric clutter in your past! I remember the fear all too well. Just as quickly as my baby would grow, I thought for sure my home would be overtaken by bright plastic toys and cumbersome baby gear. Right before I shed a tear for my clean and white home, Stokke rescued me.

Stokke Steps High Chair - Project Nursery

Dramatic much? I know, but baby gear really can be frightening! That’s why I am so excited to introduce you to Stokke’s Steps Chair. This product checks all the boxes and doubles up on killer design!

Stokke Steps High Chair - Project Nursery

First up—those long dreamy legs. They are solid beech wood, and you can choose from six gorgeous wood tones, ranging from a light natural to a warm walnut. There are also white wash and black oak options for you modern farmhouse fans. Next up choose from a white or black seat then get comfortable because things really get fun!

Stokke Steps High Chair - Project Nursery

The seat integrates with the Stokke Bouncer to bring even the littlest newborn up to table height, which means, with the right add-ons the Stokke Steps Chair can be used from birth until…well, the weight limit is 187 lbs, so you do the math! That’s a very long time. As you move from the baby stage to the toddler stage, simply switch the bouncer seat for the chair seat, then remove that for a super cool chair any kid will love (p.s. no tools required!). Plus, there’s a generous three year warranty. Options and longevity? Yes, please!

Stokke Steps High Chair - Project Nursery

As my husband and I assembled this stylish seat, we knew right away that it was built strong for safety. The four wood legs are thick, sturdy and precisely placed to withstand even the wildest of food fits. With their exacting eye for function, the team at Stokke is dedicated to bringing parents smart design and sophisticated engineering.

Stokke Steps High Chair - Project Nursery

We love involving our little one in our everyday activities to help encourage a sense of connection throughout our family. Bringing her up a little bit higher promotes bonding and is just plain fun! The Stokke Steps Chair is lightweight and has a small footprint, so moving it from room to room is no big deal. Plus its timeless design fits seamlessly into any interior space and never goes out of style!

Stokke Steps High Chair - Project Nursery

Of course, a high chair’s main purpose is for dining. The modern Stokke Steps Chair brings our girl right up to the table, and its rounded roomy seat provides optimal ergonomics for comfort, which is oh-so-important for those lengthy battles with the broccoli. The buckle is perfectly parent-friendly—just snap it together, then swivel to straighten—a major stress saver when someone is being squirmy.

Stokke Steps Chair - Project Nursery

We love our modern high chair and look forward to years of continued use and family connectivity. Begin building your custom-designed Stokke Steps Chair now.

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Update: The Stokke Steps Bouncer was recalled on July 25, 2019.
If you own the affected product, refer to the recall announcement for details on how to get the repair kit.

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