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WavHello to Spring

Spring cleaning may seem like an overused phrase when the warmer weather and longer days arrive (hello, Daylight Saving Time!), but sometimes there’s a reason for overused phrases. There’s just something about this particular change in seasons that feels fresh and new. Trees are budding, spring bulbs are starting to sprout through the barely thawed ground, and it just makes you want a clean new start at home too. So open those windows, break out the cleaning supplies, and whoops!—what are you going to do with that sweet little baby who just joined your family?

As you learn quickly when you add a baby to your family, nothing is ever quite the same. Even something as mundane as cleaning has to be done in a new way. Our advice is to start thinking (and working!) in quick spurts—you learn exactly just how efficient you can be in short periods of time once you have a baby. But here’s the thing, sometimes you can squeeze in just a little more time when you have a content baby. We want to introduce you to WavHello’s SoundBub®, a tool you will definitely be adding to your get-more-done arsenal.

WavHello SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Soother

The SoundBub® is a portable—yes, portable!—Bluetooth speaker and soother. Just imagine, your baby can enjoy some tunes while you are tidying up your home. It pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you can control baby’s music right from your own phone if you want. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have to repeatedly restart your baby’s musical toy every time it stops playing, so you will love that the SoundBub® can play music continuously and that you can even change to baby’s favorite song if she starts to fuss—right from your own device.

WavHello SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Soother

The SoundBub® is available as a bunny, owl or bear in a soft padded cover that is made of chew-safe materials and can hang right on the crib, swing, stroller or really anywhere you want. Now when it’s time to get your scrub on, you’ll want baby to be safe and snug somewhere else. Even when you are using safe cleaning products, it just seems smart to keep baby out of the room for a bit. Using the SoundBub®’s soother options, you can keep baby snoozing in another room or even on-the-go with mom or dad while you clean up the nursery. Use the two installed white noise options or download one of the other ten available through the VoiceShare companion app.

WavHello SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Soother

There’s another really cool feature of the SoundBub® that I haven’t told you about yet. You can actually use your phone to record your own voice or other family members’ voices to play right through the SoundBub®. Record yourself reading your baby’s favorite book, singing a lullaby or just saying I love you. Let’s just say grandparents are going to be all over this one.

WavHello SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Soother

The start of spring also means you will be getting a whole lot more time outdoors with baby, and believe me, it’s so nice when baby’s favorite gear is super portable and easy to take on-the-go whether you are planning a picnic in the park or a weekend getaway adventure. Spring is just a week away! Personally, I can’t wait!

WavHello SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Soother

WavHello is running a giveaway that you won’t want to miss. You can enter for a chance to win your own SoundBub® plus other prizes in WavHello’s Spring Cleaning giveaway. Head there to enter today!

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