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The YOYO+, A Whole Lot of Stroller in a Little Package

When the BABYZEN YOYO+ arrived on my steps, I was legitimately shocked by how small the box was. I knew that it folded up small beforehand, but I was still super impressed to see it in person. Seeing is believing, my friends. This stroller folds up so compactly that it is certified to be overhead bin compliant on airplanes. That, along with the fact that it weighs a mere 13.5 – 14.5 lbs (depending on the configuration), makes the YOYO+ an obvious choice for families who love to travel.


I’ll be honest, my family sticks mostly to car travel, but I think these features are just as valuable to us. We’re about to add a third baby to our family, and never have I been more aware of the amount of stuff kids have and the room it takes up in your home and your vehicle. This is the kind of stroller that you won’t mind adding to your trunk load even in the just-in-case moments. Hey, with the handy shoulder strap, it’s even a breeze to carry when your arms and hands are full of kids.

What I really love about the YOYO+ is that its small profile does not mean it lacks in features. In fact, with the right options, you could get away with the YOYO+ being your one and only stroller EVER.

You can purchase the YOYO+ with either the 0+ newborn pack (above middle) or the 6+ color pack (above right), which you can start using with a six-month-old. Now it’s definitely more of an investment to start with the newborn pack, but if you think this is the only stroller you will have or if you plan to use it for multiple children, it may be worth it to you. Or if you select the 6+ option, you may be able to use it right from the start if you have one of the infant car seats that is compatible with the YOYO+. BABYZEN currently sells infant car seat adapters for only certain brands. You can check their website to see which are compatible. (UPDATE: One thing to note, the car seat adapters need to be removed to completely fold the stroller.) The upper limits of the stroller are 38″ tall and 40lbs, giving the stroller a pretty long lifespan for most kids.

The 6+ configuration does allow for a 145° recline, so your little one can lie back and get comfy, but it should be noted that only the 0+ and car seat adapters allow the baby to face you. In the 6+ option your baby or toddler will be forward facing. By six months, it is likely your kiddo will want to be checking out the sights anyway, and with the stroller’s slim profile, you and baby can explore almost anywhere even within tight quarters. There is a peek-a-boo panel in the canopy that allows you to check on your babe without having to walk around the stroller.

Folding the YOYO+ is quite easy once you do it a few times, and it’s actually a really quick fold. The only step that requires two hands is lowering the handlebar, which you can accomplish while baby is still in the stroller. After that you can take baby out and still fold the stroller one-handed, which is perfect for those times that baby wants to be held and you don’t feel like pushing an empty stroller (don’t forget about the awesome padded carry strap!).

The basket beneath the seat is not large, but it has more room than you might think for such a compact stroller. Plenty of room for some extra blankets, your coat or maybe even a few groceries if you are out and about shopping.

Let’s not forget one of the best features—the whole color pack is machine washable! Because it comes completely off for easy washing, it’s also easy to swap out if you want to buy additional color packs. The frame comes in black or white. I love how chic the black color pack looks with the white frame, but there are plenty or other color pack choices as well.

Have you had a chance to see the YOYO+ in person yet? Find out additional details at the BABYZEN website. What’s the number one feature you look for in a stroller?

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Concerned mother

Wednesday 1st of November 2017

Have you actually tried fitting a real baby in the 0+? At three months, my average-size son is already too big for the bassinet! The shoulder straps can be moved up (so his head practically hits the top), but the waist and crotch straps can't be moved down, so they are in the wrong location-- plus, the length of the crotch strap isn't even adjustable! Please tell your readers not to get this for their newborn. I've lost hundreds of dollars and now have no stroller for my baby.


Thursday 2nd of November 2017

Hi, We only reviewed the 6+ YOYO, so we did not have the bassinet accessory. Try reaching out to the company. They may be able to assist you with getting a better fit for your babe. Sorry you've had such a frustrating experience. Please keep us posted when you hear back from them.