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We Found Your New Go-To Snack Container

Until you have a toddler in your life, you just don’t know the depths of mess that can be made. A bowl of puffs or Cheerios can quickly become a smashed up mess on your rug or a traumatic meltdown at the grocery store when your little one accidentally spills her snack. You will learn quickly that not all snack bowls are created equal, and we are sharing one of our favorites with you today.

Ubbi Tweat Snack Container for Kids

Out of all the tweets out there these days, we gotta say this one is our favorite! The Tweat snack container from Ubbi is as cute as can be and packs more snacks in its little bird belly than you could ever fit into 140 characters.

Ubbi Tweat Snack Container for Toddlers

My little one is quick to grab for her Tweat whether we are at home or on-the-go. I love that I can pass it off to her with no worries of tiny crunchy snacks flying all around. The soft flexible opening is perfectly sized for small hands and keeps snacks at their freshest! Plus, its weighted bottom helps this cutie container stay upright. No flying for this bird!

Ubbi Tweat Snack Container for Toddlers

The Tweat’s creative wing-shaped handles are a great size for small hands, and its little beak makes opening the top to access snacks super simple! Try attaching the Tweat to snapable straps to keep it from falling off of highchairs, strollers and shopping carts.

Ubbi Tweat Snack Container for Toddlers

As a new mom, I’ve tried many different ways to keep my daughter’s snacks portable, fresh and ready to go. Some solutions ended up with her snacks smashed into a pile of messy dust, others were a giant disaster waiting to happen, and some even I couldn’t get into, much less my tiny toddler! Keeping one (or two!) Tweats around helps keep snacky toddlers independent, which makes our lives as parents a bit more manageable and fun!

Toddler Snack Container from Ubbi

The Tweat is great for self-feeding smaller snacks or for storing larger items like cut fruit and cheese. The top can be removed to convert it into a cup or bowl during sit-down meals out. My little one lights up when she sees her favorite Ubbi Tweat snack container coming her way! Plus, its large see-through sides get her excited to discover what’s to come, and I can keep an eye on her intake. It’s a snack time win!

And speaking of win, you can snag TWO Ubbi Tweat snack containers when you enter to win our Share the Love giveaway, featuring over $900 in baby and kid must-have products!

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