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buybuy Baby’s Got Our SmartBand!

Hey guys, Melisa and I are having one of those “pinch me” moments. It’s obviously been an exciting week with the official launch of our Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand. Watching this idea take shape, moving from concept to reality, has been, well, awesome!

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand at buybuy Baby

I had a chance to see the SmartBand when I went on a little visit to my local buybuy Baby, and I wanted to share the details of my visit with you.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand at buybuy Baby

I cannot tell you how pumped I am for you guys to finally get your hands on this product because I know you are going to luuuvv it. We made it our goal to bring you a solution to your pregnancy and parenting journaling needs in a sleek, stylish and high-tech way, and we did it!

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand

Not only does our SmartBand feature state-of-the-art technology, it is also super easy to use and looks great. Best of all, it also allows you to efficiently store and access the information in ONE place. We knew this was important because the life of a new parent is busy enough, and we promised to deliver.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand at buybuy Baby

So, can you tell already? We think this product is pretty great. Keeping track of feedings, medications, diapers and more is a full-time responsibility on its own. And I vividly remember misplacing that piece of paper constantly or walking around the house searching for my phone so I could record feedings. We knew there had to be a better way for our moms and dads—and we are so excited that buybuy Baby has partnered with us to get the Parent + Baby SmartBand into your hands.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand at buybuy Baby

Now instead of keeping a written log or switching between apps, tracking and journaling all of that information can be done right on your wrist! The data is timestamped and syncs with the app on your phone automatically. Super simple.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand at buybuy Baby

I have been wearing the blush pink band, and I have to tell you, I’ve received a ton of compliments. But don’t worry if blush isn’t your jam, there are three band colors included in your SmartBand set—black, gray and that blush pink.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand

Since it’s water and sweat resistant, I haven’t really taken it off in the past two weeks, and the best part is that I haven’t had to charge it yet! In fact, I have over half of my battery life left. Our SmartBand actually holds a charge for up to 30 days making it really unique in the marketplace.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand at buybuy Baby

While we were visiting buybuy Baby, we were able to introduce our SmartBand to a mommy-to-be who was there finishing up last-minute items on her registry. She could sense my excitement for our product, and I really enjoyed discussing all things baby with her (she’s having a girl)!

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand at buybuy Baby

Two of her main concerns were maintaining her level of activity and staying hydrated during pregnancy. I was able to demo the SmartBand for her and show her all of the health tracking features, including step count and hydration reminders right there on the SmartBand. I could totally relate to her because I’m horrible about remembering to drink water, and I love that I get a little buzzing message throughout the day that reminds me to grab my glass. In fact, you can customize any and all of the notifications to make sure it’s right for your lifestyle.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand at buybuy Baby

Our mom-to-be friend took home a SmartBand that day, and I told her to personally email me to share how she likes it.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand

I want to give a huge thank you to our friends at buybuy Baby. If you’ve ever spent time in one of their stores, you know that they are the leading destination for new parents thanks to their helpful team members who really know what they are talking about. It’s hard to keep up with everything that baby needs and all the new products, so we are very thankful to have their support along the way.

Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand at buybuy Baby

You can find our SmartBand in buybuy Baby stores across the country—hint, it’s right next to our line of monitors—or shop online at

Be sure to let me know what you think of our SmartBand by sharing your experience and commenting on social media with #PNSmartBand. Learn more about the SmartBand in our video.

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  1. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Rachel,

    The SmartBand cannot be worn while swimming or showering. It’s water resistant for sweat and reasonable exposure to water during everyday activity.

  2. avatar Rachel says:

    It says water resistant, but is it waterproof?? Can I wear it when I swim?

  3. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Amanda, Currently it only allows for tracking one baby.

  4. avatar Amanda L says:

    Is the SmartBand able to track twins? Or only one baby?

  5. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Emily, Yes, the SmartBand can track parent sleep.

  6. avatar Emily H says:

    Does the smartband also track Mom’s sleep as well as baby’s sleep?