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Plates and Bowls as Pretty as They are Functional

Mealtime with a baby or a toddler can be messy. That’s just a fact of life, right? At some point, you have to hand over the reins, or in this case the spoon, to your little one and let him have a go. No kid is a pro from the start, and even the neatest littles will need some trial and error to perfect their self-feeding moves. So start out on the right foot with some beautiful bowls and plates from Avanchy that will pretty up mealtime, and, hey, they’ll even help you cut back on the mess. Stay tuned to find out how you can win a collection for yourself!

Avancy Bamboo Bowl and Spoon

You may be surprised to learn that these pretty bamboo bowls and plates are meant for tots. I mean they look like those gorgeous salad bowls you spot at high-end shops, don’t they? So maybe there is one giveaway that they are meant for kids—that colorful silicone suction cup at the bottom. While the rainbow colors make the bowls even prettier to look at, they also help keep that plate in place during mealtime.

Avanchy Bamboo Plates and Bowls

Babies are curious, and they are bound to lift, tip and dump their way through their explorations, so sometimes you just have to lock that bowl down until they are old enough to learn mealtime manners. Avanchy includes an easy pull tab, so that you will be able to remove the bowl or plate when it’s time to clean up.

The Rainbow Baby Collection includes 1 Organic Bamboo Baby Bowl + Baby Spoon, 1 Organic Bamboo Baby Plate + Baby Spoon, 1 Organic Bamboo Baby Spoons Pack (2 Pack or 5 Pack).

Avanchy Rainbow Baby Collection

The Toddler Rainbow Collection includes 1 Organic Bamboo Baby Bowl + Baby Spoon, 1 Organic Bamboo Toddler Plate + Baby Spoon, 1 Organic Bamboo Training Forks Pack (2 Pack or 5 Pack).

Avanchy Rainbow Toddler Collection

Personally, I preferred silicone utensils for my babes. They are just softer to the touch, and when your baby continually jabs herself in the gums as she practices her skills with a hard spoon, it’ll make you cringe. The silicone is gentle and also BPA-, PVC-, lead- and phthalate-free. The utensils were also designed to be comfortable in the chubby little hands of your baby or toddler and you!

Avanchy Silicone Suction Cup Bamboo Toddler Bowl

WIN IT! Four Project Nursery readers will win a set of Rainbow Collection Bamboo Dinnerware from Avanchy. Avanchy is giving away 2 Toddler Rainbow Collections ($64.97 value each) and 2 Baby Rainbow Collections ($58.97 value each).

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Avanchy Rainbow Baby & Toddler Bamboo Dinnerware Collections

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