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Reversible Crib Liner Gives Baby One View and You Another

We’ve introduced you to BreathableBaby before when Melisa showed us how to add it to a crib and Pam famously gave it a good sniff test. BreathableBaby is most known for their breathable mesh crib liners that allow you to use a liner while still getting air flow through the crib. Most parents have experienced that moment when baby first gets his or her leg caught through the crib slats. While baby is almost always fine, the cries that follow are enough to set you searching for a remedy asap, and the crib liner can help prevent those curious little toes from finding their way between the bars.


BreathableBaby continues to step up their design game too and are now offering complete crib bedding sets in fun new prints and designs. The three-piece bedding set features a reversible ultra luxe mesh crib liner, a coordinating crib sheet and a crib skirt.


What’s really exciting about this bedding set is the reversible mesh liner. One side features a fun animal print—elephants or giraffes—and the other has a geometric teardrop pattern. I love the idea that you can have the pretty sophisticated design facing out into the nursery, and baby can get a sweet view of some adorable animals when dozing off.

Instagram Geo Giraffe Baby Feet

They’ve rounded out their collection with their Blissfully Soft Modal Knit Baby Blankets, which are perfect for soft spot for baby to play or do a round of tummy time.


With that satin-like trim, these blankets are sure to become baby’s favorites. You know how little ones love to glide their fingers along that smooth edge! BreathableBaby is definitely on a roll, and we are always excited to see what they have in store next!

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