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The Psychology of the Color Green in the Nursery

We’re just one week into 2017, and it already feels like things are starting anew. Plus, the experts over at Pantone recently released their color of the year—greenery. The color green has always been my favorite, and it’s for good reason. Green has a calming and relaxing effect and can make you feel closer to nature. Biologically speaking, we are hardwired to respond positively to the color green because it means there is health and vitality in the earth and plants around us. Culturally, we are attracted to green because it implies growth, wealth and well-being—just think about how good you feel after drinking a green smoothie! It makes perfect sense that it’s a great choice for a nursery. Here are a few tips to bring your design to life with the color green in the nursery.

Green and White Nursery Design with Modern Floral Wallpaper and Mid-Century FurnitureModern Green & White Nursery

Green has so many variations that it can be difficult to narrow it down to the perfect shade. Try going with a hue that makes you feel relaxed and calm. Then you can use different shades of that same hue throughout the space.

Gender Neutral Woodland Nursery with Blue and Green Accent DecorLeahy’s Neutral Woodland Nursery

To emphasize serenity, use greens that have a slightly more blueish hue. For a more energetic feel, go with greens with a more yellowish hue or incorporate more pattern.

Pale Green Nursery with Gender Neutral Decor Gender Neutral Nursery

Green and Blue Nursery Design with Patterned WallpaperDaniel’s Lime Green & Blue Nursery

If you don’t like green or want to design your nursery in another color scheme, just add in a few plants. Real greenery goes with any color and decor. How would you incorporate the color green in the nursery?

The Psychology of the Color Green - Little Crown Interiors

Wednesday 11th of January 2017

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