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Daddy and Baby Bonding Time

A conversation over a cup of tea, a date at a romantic wine bar, a meeting fueled by mugs of coffee—connection often happens with cups in hand. It’s no surprise that the bond between babies and their parents deepens and grows through the act of feedings. When baby is nursed, daddy often misses out on this crucial point of connectivity, but with the addition of a bottle feeding daddy can join right in—and mommy can get a much needed rest!

Once breastfeeding was strongly established between my daughter and me, we were excited to offer her a bottle so that her daddy could get in on the feeding fun! A first feeding for daddy and baby is a truly special moment. It is a time for daddy to be able to provide in a way that previously only mom could. It’s an introduction of new roles and deep, loving trust.

Parent's Choice Formula

We may often call it a nursing nook, but creating an ideal feeding environment is just as important for bottle feeding. No matter who is holding the bottle, comfort is key! A certain chair, a favorite spot on the sofa, plenty of pillows to rest your arms, a blanket for your lap and a station of the essentials makes all the difference.

Parent's Choice Formula

A baby feeding station might include a tray or basket of burp cloths, baby wipes, antibacterial gel, phone/charger if using a feeding tracker app, parent snacks and water, extra Parent’s Choice Formula, bottle, and bottled water to create impromptu extra bottles.

Parent's Choice Formula

After I went back to work, we relied on bottle feedings at day care, and eventually, the time came for us to make the part- then full-time switch to formula. For our family, we felt like the skies of simple living opened up at that moment! Days on-the-go no longer required a freezer bag of milk or strict expiration dates and times. Traveling with a baggie, bottle or reusable container of pre-measured formula meant bottles were ready to go with the quick addition of fresh water.

Parent's Choice Formula

In the world of baby, being able to improvise is crucial, which is why choosing a formula that is inexpensive to have on hand and easy to find can be so important for families. Parent’s Choice formula often saves families up to $600 a year over alternative formulas and is nutritionally comparable to more expensive national brands.

Create your home or on-the-go baby feeding station with Parent’s Choice formula products, available exclusively at WalMart, and settle in for bonding sessions over the best kind of bottle.

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