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Capturing the Farmhouse Spirit in the Nursery with Natart

You guys know we’re equal opportunity when it comes to great design, but sometimes a trend comes along that’s so timeless and versatile that we just can’t quit it. Case in point: the ever-popular farmhouse style. And from the looks of nurseries in our gallery and across the web, parents and designers everywhere are just as smitten as we are. Shiplap, distressed finishes, iron accents, vintage decor—it’s the perfect recipe for a lovely nursery.

Choosing furniture is often the first item on the nursery design to-do list, and if a farmhouse style nursery is your goal, today we want to reintroduce you to two old friends. We first shared with you the Sevilla and Cortina collections from Natart a few months ago, but since farmhouse is still holding strong, we thought it was the perfect time to take a second look at these beautiful collections, especially since there’s a gorgeous newcomer to the Sevilla line. And trust us—Natart knows how to perfectly capture the spirit of farmhouse life.

Natart Farmhouse Inspired Nursery Furniture Collection

Natart is known for their unique take on design, and the brand new Valencia Convertible Crib is no exception. Designed to fit seamlessly with the pieces in the Sevilla collection, this crib features an unexpected twist on a classic element of the farmhouse style. While we typically see shiplap installed horizontally, the Valencia is designed with vertical shiplap. Paired with the distressed finish and painted black metallic trim that define the Sevilla collection, this crib is truly one-of-a-kind.

Valencia Convertible Crib Farmhouse Style Nursery Furniture from Natart

So what else sets the Sevilla collection apart? For starters, it elevates the farmhouse style with its thoughtful details that balance rustic charm with modern design. Each piece features clean lines, plus black iron hardware, plus painted black metallic trim, plus a distressed finish, giving it a look that’s all its own. The Sevilla collection is inspired by the style found in the Spanish region of Andalusia, and we love that Natart incorporated that touch of authenticity that makes this collection perfect for a nursery that has rustic style in spades.

Sevilla Farmhouse Style Nursery Furniture Collection from Natart

Detail of Sevilla Farmhouse Style Nursery Furniture Hardware

Think of the Cortina collection as Sevilla’s sophisticated sister. It shares the same elevated farmhouse style, with solid wood construction and distressed finishes, but this time the inspiration comes from Cortina, Italy, with all its “old Europe” charm and nostalgia. We’re smitten with these beautiful pieces that are sure to become treasured family heirlooms, just like the antique furniture that inspired them.

Cortina Farmhouse Style Nursery Furniture Collection from Natart

Not only does Natart offer these two lovely farmhouse style nursery furniture collections, but their line also includes pieces for every style, from modern to glam and everywhere in between. Growing out of the nursery? Stay tuned because the company will be introducing all new twin size beds, coming soon!

Farmhouse Style Kids Room Furniture from Natart

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