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Breast Pumps Are Finally Getting The Makeover YOU Deserve!

Fear not moms, better breast pumps are finally here! Hot off of CES 2017, Melisa and Pam returned with raves about what they saw and the biggest takeaway of them all? 2017 is the year of the new and improved breast pump! Here are three brands Melisa and Pam met IRL that are making life a whole lot more convenient and more comfortable for lactating moms. It’s about time, right?

1. The Naya Smart Breast Pump. A more comfortable, productive and quieter breast pump experience is on the horizon. At just 3lbs for a hospitable-grade pump in a stylish carrying case (finally!) and an app solution that tracks your pumping sessions and milk supply, this is the pump we wished we all had.

Naya Smart Breast Pump

Let’s focus on the flange for a moment with a closer look. The soft silicone flange is filled with water for better suction. Now that sounds a whole lot more comfortable than hard plastic.

Naya Smart Breast Pump

2. Willow Breast Pump. Talk about wowing a crowd! CES attendees went goo-goo-gaga over Willow’s cordless, wearable breast pump.


Yep, that means no tubes, no cords and no dangling bottles to make you feel like a cow. Just pop the pumps into your bra and go. Need we say more? Willow is truly the pump of the future but lucky for you, you only have to wait until the spring.


3. Freemie. Wait…What? We all exclaimed. I can actually pump with my shirt on here and now!?! That’s right, we met the founders of Freemie, and not only were we impressed, but we learned that their hands-free pumping solution can already be found in major retailers nationwide, starting at $59.95. Their collection cups and tubing are compatible with most breast pumps if you already own another pump. They offer a terrific pump system named Freedom now, but stay tuned for their new, pint-sized pump that conveniently clips to your pants coming soon.451eaa71-9000-4348-a9de-4d9b30873e12_1-092d7815fc593cac71cff6bd4dfd8572

And just to make feeding and pumping even more accessible, a shout goes out to Mamava for creating the portable lactation station, which is popping up nationwide in airports, businesses and other public venues. For every mother who has spent way too long in a dirty public bathroom stall expressing milk, this one’s for you!