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A Diaper Bag that Both Mom and Dad Will Love

We talk a lot about diaper bags here at Project Nursery, and we’ll admit, our focus is often on mom. Then a company like TWELVElittle comes along and puts us right in our place—of course!—dads carry diaper bags too! What we love about TWELVElittle is they make diaper bags with everyone in mind. Whether you select a unisex style so the bag can be passed between mom and dad, depending on who is on baby duty, or you each pick your favorite style (because they make plenty of feminine bags too), these diaper bags deliver. Let’s take a closer look.

TWELVElittle Diaper Bag

Founders Julia Min and Jenny Chang, both with a background in handbag design, decided to take their eye for fashion and trends and bring it to the baby zone because, just like us, they don’t think you have sacrifice style just because you’ve signed on for the greatest job on earth.

TWELVElittle Diaper Bag

But don’t be fooled, just because style is at the forefront of the designers’ minds does not mean you won’t find all the function you need out of these bags. Chockfull of pockets, these bags have a place for everything (even your laptop!), which means that you can stay organized and find what you need fast. When you are out and about with baby, there is nothing more frustrating than searching for the one thing your screaming baby needs that is buried in a mess of disorganization. You will love how neat you can keep all of baby’s—and your—supplies.

Details like water resistant materials and leather trimmed handles make these bags built to last. While you may love the excuse to buy a new bag for each new baby in your life, it should be a choice not a necessity because your last bag couldn’t hold up to the task. You can also rest assured that TWELVElittle’s bags are free of harsh chemicals such as BPA, PVC and phthalates.

TWELVElittle Diaper Bag

The only problem you’re going to have is trying to figure out which bag is your favorite. A large variety of satchels, backpacks, totes and all the accessories you can imagine ensures that you will find something that suits both your tastes and your needs. This is a bag you are going to carry A LOT, so take your time to pick one that you love.

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