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Swoon-Worthy Finds from Art Basel Miami

Art Basel Miami is a large-scale annual international art fair with many venues for looking at and purchasing art. Galleries and artists display their work in a casual environment, many of them in oversized tents right on Miami Beach. The vibe is fun, fashionable and accessible, and the types of work I saw were very vast when it came to both style and price point. I went to several of the fairs, including Scope, Nada, Untitled and Edition. These shows focused primarily on new and mid-career artists, with some work that is more accessible for the casual collector.

The art market is red hot and growing with so much great work out there, so let’s take a look at some of my favorite pieces from Art Basel that would be amazing either as a focal point in a modern nursery or as the inspiration for the space.

Jessy Nite is a Miami-based contemporary artist. She is known for her public works and use of graphic color. The large scale of this 40″x24″ piece would look epic floating like a rainbow cloud above a modern crib.

Modern Rainbow Art by Jessy Nite

Pierre Julien works in acrylic and concrete to create subtle pieces that look both organic and man-made. This piece nods to the organic forms in blue marble. The piece almost glows against the white wall—it is quiet and elegant.

Blue Marble by Pierre Julian

The large scale and contrasting colors in B.I.K.E.S. by Lyle Owerko immediately brought me back to my own childhood and racing around the hood on my two-wheeler. The composition is so clean, and the scale is dynamic and large.

B.I.K.E.S. by Lyle Owerko

The GloboBots by Joel Kuntz are clever and super cool photographic collages made up of iconic buildings. They are available in black and white or these almost electric colors on rich black backgrounds. Referencing the popular Transformers toys, pop culture, architecture and urban environments, these would make an attention-grabbing statement and remain super cool in many areas of the home beyond the nursery.

GloboBots by Joel Kuntz

Cinderella Blue by South Korean artist Mari Kim makes a pop culture salad, cherry pickin’ from graffiti, Disney, fashion and a really cool, super cute style. This one goes out to all the mamas and papas having little princesses of their own.

Cinderella Blue by Mari Kim

Art Basel happens annually in Miami, Basel and Hong Kong. Would you go to an art fair looking for inspiration for your design project?